CCC Certification Process

The following table provides a brief overview of the CCC certification process. For a more detailed description of each step, please read our free information booklet “CCC Made Easy“.

Timeline* Step
Week 1-2 1. Preparation of application documents and submission to the Chinese authorities
Week 3-4 2. Acceptance of application, reception of the CCC Factory code and requirements of the test products
Week 5-10 3. Product testing in a Chinese laboratory
Parallel to the tests: 

Week 4-14

Optional: One day pre-audit
4. Factory Audit
The certification authority sends Chinese auditors to inspect the factory. The audit usually takes two days.
Week 15 5. CCC certificate is granted
Week 16 6. CCC-mark printing permission is granted 

After approval by the certification organization CNCA, the product must be labeled with the CCC logo.

* = The duration of the certification depends on the capacity of the authority, the laboratory and the auditors. Thorough planning ensures that the target duration will not be exceeded.

The 3C certificate and subsequent permission of printing for the CCC mark must be renewed annually as part of a follow-up certification, which includes a factory audit.

The proceedings of the follow-up certification are comparable with those of the initial certification, but overall much shorter, simpler and less costly. Typically, no additional product testing in China is required and the audit will usually take only one day. Five years after the initial CCC certificate was issued, the follow-up audit will usually take two days and tests in China will be requested.

The success of the certification depends on diligently following Chinese regulations. The results of product testing and factory inspection are checked by Chinese authorities and will be accurately compared with previously submitted forms. In the case of errors or faults, the certification may be denied or delayed.

In the case of a certification being denied, a report will be issued offering the reasons for the rejection. Re-applying is possible but will involve additional costs and time.

A CCC consultation and advisory service, such as China Certification, increases your chances of successful certification and saves time, money and unpleasant surprises.

Our introduction video gives an overview of the necessary steps involved in getting CCC certification.



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