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Vehicle Safety Testing Directions (VSTD)

For each product that is certified by VSCC, there is an applicable VSTD (VSTD stands for Vehicle Safety Testing Directions). The VSTD describes the product test that the product must undergo in the course of VSCC certification.

A passenger car as a complete vehicle is subject to certification. The vehicle manufacturer can approve certain scopes of individual components over the entire vehicle, but this means a high level of effort for the OEM in the event of changes to the supplier’s components. Therefore, the OEM often requires the individual components to be certified separately via VSCC. 

Some electrical components installed in the interior could also fall under BSMI certification. In many cases, however, only one of the two certifications is required.

We will gladly check for you which certification makes the most sense for you in such a case. Please contact us if you are interested.

Questions about individual standards and norms?

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Within the scope of the VSCC certification of the individual components via VSCC, only the following components can be certified:

Safety Testing Directions - Category A:
VSTD 04Static Braking
VSTD 07The lateral protection device and the Rear Underrun Protection Device (RUPD)(or bumper)
VSTD 08The requirement of vehicle tilt stability
VSTD 09Installation requirements of audible warning devices
VSTD 10Installation requirements of pay Ioad meter
VSTD 11The installation requirement of turning and reversing audible warning device
VSTD 61The installation of the mechanical coupling device or component
VSTD 80Quiet road transport vehicles
Safety Testing Directions - Category B:
VSTD 02The requirement of specification for motor vehicle
VSTD 03The installation of lighting and light-signaling devices
VSTD 05The inspection requirement of fuel system for LPG vehicle
VSTD 06The inspection requirement of fuel system for CNG vehicle
VSTD 12The thermal-insulation protection device of exhaust system for motorcycle
VSTD 13The requirement of stability and durability regarding motorcycle stands
VSTD 14The requirement regarding the passenger hand-holds of motorcycle
VSTD 15Payload meter
VSTD 16Tachograph
VSTD 17Static strength of coupling devices for trailer towed by small vehicles
VSTD 18Static strength of luggage racks for small vehicles
VSTD 19Flammability of the interior materials for motor vehicle
VSTD 20Retro-reflective markings
VSTD 21Audible warning devices
VSTD 22Speedometer
VSTD 23Installation of devices for indirect vision
VSTD 24Driver operated controls
VSTD 25Safety Glass
VSTD 27Devices for indirect vision
VSTD 28Tyre
VSTD 29Filament lamps
VSTD 30Gas-discharge Headlamps
VSTD 31Direction indicator
VSTD 32Front fog lamps
VSTD 33Reversing lamps
VSTD 34Front position lamps
VSTD 35Rear position (Side) lamps
VSTD 36Parking lamps
VSTD 37Stop lamps
VSTD 38S3 stop lamps
VSTD 39End-outline marker lamps
VSTD 40Side-marker lamps
VSTD 41Reflex reflectors
VSTD 47Steering equipment
VSTD 50Head restraint
VSTD 51Door latches and retention components
VSTD 52Headlamps (headlamps of gas-discharge type excluded)
VSTD 53Rear fog lamps
VSTD 54Prevention of fire risks for the large passenger vehicle
VSTD 56Electromagnetic Compatibility
VSTD 57The electronic control device of small-light moped
VSTD 58The frame's fatigue strength of small-light moped
VSTD 59Adaptive front lighting system (AFS)
VSTD 60The Rear-view mirror with reverse-assistant lamp
VSTD 62Mechanical coupling device or component
VSTD 63The requirement of specification for Low Floor Bus
VSTD 64Battery electric vehicles safety
VSTD 65The prevention requirements for high temperature, compression and electrical shock of electric motorcycle
VSTD 66Fuel tank
VSTD 67Wheelchair accessible vehicle
VSTD 68Tire pressure monitoring system
VSTD 69Manoeuvring lamp
VSTD 70Lane departure warning system
VSTD 71Driving vision assistant system
VSTD 72Advanced emergency braking system
VSTD 73Daytime running lamps
VSTD 74LED light sources
VSTD 75The location and identification ofhand controls, tell-tales and indicators
VSTD 76Speed limitation devices
VSTD 77External projections
VSTD 78External projections (commercial vehicle)
VSTD 79Rear marking Plates for heavy and long vehicles
VSTD 81Specifications of a vehicle fuel system incorporating the compressed hydrogen storage system
VSTD 82Specifications of the compressed hydrogen storage system
VSTD 83Specifications of specific components for the compressed hydrogen storage system
VSTD 84Brake assist systems
VSTD 85Electronic stability control systems
VSTD 86Rear-end collision for prevention offuel tank fire risks
VSTD 87Installation of fuel tank
VSTD 88Specifications of a vehicle fuel system incorporating the compressed hydrogen storage system (L)
VSTD 89Specifications of the compressed hydrogen storage system (L)
VSTD 90Specifications of specific components for the compressed hydrogen storage system
Safety Testing Directions - Category C:
VSTD 26Safety Belt
VSTD 42Dynamic Braking
VSTD 43Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
VSTD 44Steering control system —The protection of the driver against the steering mechanism in the event of impact
VSTD 45The protection of the occupants in the event of a lateral collision
VSTD 46The protection of the occupants in the event of a frontal collision
VSTD 48Safety belt anchorage
VSTD 49Seats
VSTD 55Strength of super structure for large passenger vehicle