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CCC Translations

MPR China Certification provides professional translation and interpretation services for our clients’ certification topics.


Our translators are highly qualified and are familiar with the various regulations and standards. Quality translations of relevant documents are crucial to prepare for a successful certification and to maintain certification.

We can assist you with translations of Chinese documents into English or German on the following topics:

GB standards (GB stands for Guobiao, Chinese for “national standard”)

CNCA implementation rules (Implementation Rules)

CCAP and CQC Implementation Rules

Translation of application documents (OEM/ODM contracts, technical product data, power of attorney, etc.)

Manuals and operating instructions

Factory Inspection / On-Site Audit

Our experienced interpreters enable smooth communication with Chinese auditors and ensure that factory inspections can be completed accurately and efficiently. Our interpreters (English / German to and from Chinese) are available worldwide to accompany factory audits. Our interpreters have successfully accompanied hundreds of companies during factory audits for China (CCC) and Taiwan (VSCC) in Europe and America.

Our CCC certification package includes our experienced interpreters for your CCC factory inspection as a part of our services. Of course, you can also make use of our translation services separately.

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