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HAF 604 Certification for Safety Components of Nuclear Power Plants

Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment to be used in nuclear power plants in China must be certified before it can be manufactured, imported and installed. HAF 604 certification is required for the design, manufacture and installation of many safety-related components. The regulations for HAF 604 certification were established in 2008 with the aim of being able to better monitor and control imports of safety components to China from abroad.

The “China National Nuclear Safety Administration” (NNSA) is responsible for the registration of nuclear safety components for nuclear facilities manufactured outside of China, to which HAF 604 approval is applied for, following the – Supervision and Management Regulations for Imported Civilian Nuclear Equipment.

Logo of the National Nuclear Safety Administration in China

HAF 604 certification applies to both electrical and mechanical safety-related equipment. Also relevant to HAF 604 approval is if the applicant is responsible for the design, manufacture or installation of these safety components. For example, if one company is only responsible for the design, but another company is responsible for the production, two separate HAF-604 approvals must be applied for.

HAF 604 Certification Process


Application preparation


Submission & evaluation


Application acceptance and detailed examination


Answering the questionnaire of the authority


Final report and confirmation by expert panel


Publication of the approval decision & issuance of the certificate

A factory inspection is usually not required by the Chinese authority as part of the HAF-604 certification process, however the certification is still a complex and lengthy process. A key requirement for an application is evidence of demand from at least two different Chinese end users. Typically, this would be a purchase order or a letter of intent to purchase.

The HAF 604 certification is valid for 5 years. After 5 years, a similarly complex renewal process must be completed. After the initial HAF 604 certification it is crucial that evidence of the successful completion of projects in China in the previous period can be provided.

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HAF 604 Certification OVERVIEW

Validity of the certificate5 years
Lead timeUsually more than 1 year
Tests required?No
Factory audit required?Normally not required
Follow-up processRenewal procedure necessary after 5 years