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CCC Certification and more!

MPR China Certification leads you to your success in all areas related to CCC.

The China Compulsory Certification (CCC) is the mandatory product certification required for many products in China. In addition to CCC certification with factory audits and product tests, many products require a CCC Self-Declaration. Many manufacturers, especially in the automotive sector, additionally certify their parts according to the voluntary CQC or voluntary CCAP certification. The classification of products and the certification obligation can be complicated. It is not uncommon for Chinese customs to hold or reject entry for products that do not need CCC. An Investigation Letter or CCC Clearance Certificate can be a helpful tool for products that do not need CCC.

We can offer support in all these areas and also offer the translation of the Chinese GB standards and Chinese regulations. You can also count on our years of expertise in special areas such as CCC-Ex certification for explosion-proof products and CCC for complete vehicles.

The certification landscape in China is diverse and complex and requires a deep knowledge of the regulations. Benefit from our years of experience and our excellent contacts to the Chinese authorities and test laboratories.

CCC Overview

What is CCC

CCC (also 3C) stands for China Compulsory Certificate and applies to both imported and Chinese products.

CCC translations
Automotive CCC
CCC for complete vehicles
CCC – explosion proof products
CCC relevant products
CCC – Investigation Letter
CCC-Self-Declaration/ SDoC
CQC-/ CCAP-Certification

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