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CPA Certification for Measuring Instruments

Since November 1, 2020, several measuring instruments require CPA certification (China Pattern Approval) to be imported into China. Manufacturing and sale of these products in China is also only possible with a valid CPA certificate.

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The responsible certification authority is the Chinese market regulation authority SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation).

There are two surveillance modes for CPA registration:

P (type approval) or P+V (type approval + mandatory verification)

Type Approval P must be conducted by the manufacturer of the product before importing into China. Mandatory Verification V must be performed annually by the user of the product in China.

CPA Registration Guidelines

The implementation of CPA certification (China Pattern Approval Certification) is prescribed by the following legal texts:

  • Rules for the Implementation of the Metrology Law of the People’s Republic of China
  • Measures of the People’s Republic of China for the Supervision and Administration of Imported Instruments of Measurement
  • Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Measures of the People’s Republic of China for the Supervision and Administration of the Imported Measuring Instruments

CPA Approval Procedure






Submission of Application


Product Test


Issuance of Certificate

Products subject to CPA certification

Catalogue Level 1Catalogue Level 2Monitoring ModeUse Scope
ThermometerThermometerP+VMedical and Health
Non-Automatic Weighing InstrumentNon-Automatic Weighing Instrument (maximum capacity<60kg, scale interval>1mg)P+VTrade Settlement
Automatic Weighing InstrumentAutomatic Instruments for Weighing Road Vehicles in MotionP+VSecurity,Trade Settlement
Rail-WeighbridgesRail-WeighbridgesP+VTrade Settlement
Metering TankRailway Metering tankVTrade Settlement
Metering TankShip’s Liquid Cargo MeasurementTrade Settlement
Metering Tank(Tank for bunkering tanker, slop tank, bilge water tank, Deadweight for Transport ship <5000 t)VTrade Settlement
Metering TankVertical Metal TankVTrade Settlement
Load CellsLoad CellsP
Weighting Indication ControllerWeighting Indication ControllerP
DispenserFuel Oil DispensersP+VTrade Settlement
DispenserGasoline DispenserP+VTrade Settlement
DispenserCompressed Natural Gas DispenserP+VTrade Settlement
DispenserLiquefied Natural Gas DispenserP+VTrade Settlement
Water MeteringWater Metering
P+VTrade Settlement
P+VTrade Settlement
Heat MeterHeat Meter
P+VTrade Settlement
FlowmeterFlowmeter With Diameter≤DN300P+VTrade Settlement
FlowmeterNon-Invasive Automated SphygmomanometerP+VMedical and Health
SphygmomanometerNon-Invasive Non-Automated SphygmomanometerP+VMedical and Health
TonometerTonometerP+VMedical and Health
Pressure GaugeGeneral Pressure Gauge、Accurate Pressure GaugeP+VSecurity
Pressure GaugePressure Transmitter、Pressure SensorP+VSecurity
Motor Vehicle Speed DetectorMotor Vehicle Speed DetectorP+VSecurity
TaximeterTaximeterP+VTrade Settlement
Electricity MeterElectricity MeterP+VTrade Settlement
Sound Level MeterSound Level MeterP+VEnvironmental monitoring
AudiometerPure-Tone AudiometerP+VMedical and Health
AudiometerAural Impedance AudiometersP+VMedical and Health
FocimetersFocimetersP+VMedical and Health
AutorefractorAutorefractor、PhoropterP+VMedical and Health
AutorefractorTrial Case LensesP+VMedical and Health
AutorefractorOphthalmometerP+VMedical and Health
SaccharimeterSaccharimeterP+VTrade Settlement
Samplers for Smoke and Stack DustSamplers for SmokeP
Samplers for Smoke and Stack DustSamplers for Stack DustP
Samplers for Smoke and Stack DustSamplers for Concentration of DustP
Samplers for ParticulatesSamplers for ParticulatesP
Air SamplerAir SamplerP
OpacimetersOpacimetersP+VEnvironmental monitoring
Moisture MetersThermogravimetric Moisture MetersP+VTrade Settlement
Moisture MetersCapacitive and Resistive Grain Moisture TestersP+VTrade Settlement
Moisture MetersRaw Cotton Moisture TesterP+VTrade Settlement
Breath Alcohol AnalyzerBreath Alcohol AnalyzerP+VSecurity
Grain Test Weight ApparatusGrain Test Weight ApparatusVTrade Settlement
Glassy Milk MeterGlassy Milk MeterVTrade Settlement
Electric Vehicle Charging StationElectric Vehicle AC Charging Station/Off-Board Dc ChargerVTrade Settlement
Dosimeters With Ionization Chambers as Used in RadiotherapyDosimeters With Ionization Chambers as Used in RadiotherapyVMedical and Health
Medical X-Ray Diagnostic EquipmentMedical X-Ray Diagnostic EquipmentVMedical and Health
Medical Radioactivtiy MeterMedical Radioactivtiy MeterVMedical and Health
ElectrocardiographsVMedical and Health
ElectroencephalographsVMedical and Health
Multi-Parameter MonitorVMedical and Health
Current TransformersCurrent TransformersP+V(≤500kv) P(>500kv)Trade Settlement
Survey InstrumentHand-Held Laser Distance MetersP
Survey InstrumentTotal StationP
Survey Instrument(GNSS) Geodetic ReceiversP
Survey InstrumentSulfur Dioxide Gas DetectorsP
Survey InstrumentSulfur Hydrogen Gas InstrumentsP
Survey InstrumentCO GAS AlarmsP
Toxic and Flammable Gas Detectors (Alarms)Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide Infrared Gas AnalyzersP
Toxic and Flammable Gas Detectors (Alarms)Flue Gas AnalyzerP
Toxic and Flammable Gas Detectors (Alarms)Chemiluminescent NO/Nox AnalyzersP
Toxic and Flammable Gas Detectors (Alarms)Methane DetectorP

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