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Automotive CCC

Vehicles and automotive components are subject to strict approval requirements with regards to the CCC certification in China. The CCC certificate was introduced in 2002 and applies to both imported and Chinese made products. CCC certification requires product testing in China and factory inspection/audit in accordance with the relevant standards (GB Standards and Implementation Rules). Similarly, change management must also adapt to the dynamics in the automotive sector and must be strategically prepared.

Complete vehicle homologation arises not only from the mandatory registration of individual components, but also from the need to coordinate the various component certifications as part of the overall homologation process. For the supplier industry, this means that in many cases the specifications for component approval are made by the OEM.

The management of this issue is also made complex by the fact that CCC certification of vehicles and automotive parts is not mandatory for all components in the automotive sector, some even cannot be certified, and some components are not subject to mandatory certification but still must prove conformity with Chinese regulations. This is not only confusing for the manufacturers, but also can be for Chinese customs authorities, which is why it is not uncommon for shipments to be detained or even rejected.

Different CCC certification types for automotive components:

The standard CCC certification is the official regulatory approval procedure according to the Chinese Implementation Rules of the CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China). As part of this procedure, products must undergo specific product tests in each case and production facilities must conduct a factory audit. The requirement for CCC approval applies to numerous automotive components such as safety glass, tires, child seats and more. You can find more information on our list of products, for which the Chinese CCC certification is relevant.

For many automotive components such as seats or exterior lights, CCC Self-Declaration is mandatory. The manufacturer must submit a declaration that it complies with Chinese safety standards on an ongoing basis and conducts regular product tests. The authority reserves the right to check this at any time. The easiest way to prove ongoing product conformity is with annual voluntary certification. CCC self-declaration and voluntary CQC/ CCAP certification are often combined. You can find more information in this overview about CCC Self-Declaration for China.

Voluntary CQC or CCAP certification can be applied for numerous components. The voluntary certification applies to many components that were CCC mandatory until recently, or for which a CCC Self Declaration is required now. In many cases, a CQC or CCAP voluntary certification is required by the vehicle manufacturer to ensure product conformity.

CCC certification for complete vehicles is especially complex. Under the following link you will find more information for vehicle manufacturers.

In addition, you can find information about consulting services for vehicle manufacturers.

CCC for Interior Components

Since October 2019, vehicle interior components no longer require a CCC certification in China, as per Announcement No. 44  by the Chinese authority CNCA. However, manufacturers must continue to ensure product conformity with Chinese regulations. For this purpose, voluntary CCAP certification or CQC certification can be useful and provide additional security. In most cases, the voluntary certification is required by the vehicle manufacturers when the vehicle is exported to China.

Questions and problems often occur regarding certification for automotive suppliers when it comes to the exact classification of products in the voluntary certification of interior trim components. To clarify whether an interior component can be voluntarily certified, various criteria must be checked, such as: Size of the component, location in the vehicle and function of the component. Usually, it can only be clearly determined whether a component can be certified after consultation with the Chinese authority.

As part of the voluntary CQC / CCAP registration, interior trimming components must undergo flammability tests in accordance with the Chinese test standard GB 8410-2006. These tests must be carried out in a Chinese accredited test laboratory.

Once it has been determined that a part can be certified, the unit classification must be determined to see how many applications, tests and certificates will be needed. Components are grouped into different certification units. The unit classification depends on the material(s), material suppliers, thickness, and assembly of the component. Which production site is responsible for the certification process should be thoroughly clarified with the Chinese certification authority. As a rule, the site where the final quality assurance step is taken on the component must be audited. There must be a value-add process prior to quality assurance at this location for it to be considered.

CCC Certification Marking

The marking of voluntarily certified interior components with the CCAP logo or CQC logo and factory code is voluntary. Currently, in most cases, a marking with a CCAP or CQC logo is not required in most cases.

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Relevant Norms & GB Standards for Automotive Components

According to the CNCA standard, a passenger car is subject to CCC certification as a complete vehicle. Numerous individual components also fall under CCC obligation, while others can only obtain voluntary CQC/ CCAP certification.

The vehicle manufacturer can test certain components as part of his complete vehicle homologation but this means a high time expenditure for changes to the supplier components. In addition, the components may not be marked with the CCC symbol. The certification of the component itself can be regarded as an efficient solution, to avoid problems with Chinese customs.

The GB standard (GB stands for Guobiao, Chinese for “National Standard”) forms the basis for the product tests. Product tests are a mandatory part of the CCC certification as well as voluntary CQC / CCAP certification. If a component cannot be assigned to a defined product group and does not have a corresponding GB standard, then CCC certification is not required.

Overview of the products that are subject to certification or which can be certified in the automotive sector:

Product TypeCertification TypeNorms
Electric BicycleCCCCCAP-C11-16:2021
Vehicle TiresCCCGreen Label:
Helmets for motorcyclistsCCCCCAP-C11-15:2017
Brake linings for automobilesCCCCCAP-C11-20:2020
Restraint articles for children occupants of motor vehiclesCCCCCAP-022-03:2014
Safety Glazing Materials for VehiclesCCC-SD (B)CQC11-371152-2019
Safety belt for vehiclesCCC-SD (B)CCAP-GZ-5810:2019
Motor vehicle exterior lighting and light signal devices CCC-SD (B)CCAP-GZ-4100:2019
Indirect vision devices for motor vehicles CCC-SD (B)CCAP-GZ-8202:2019
Automotive seats and seat headrestsCCC-SD (B)CCAP-GZ-6800:2020
Automobile driving recorderCCC-SD (B)CNCA-00C-008:2019
Reflective body markingsCCC-SD (B)CNCA-00C-008:2019
Restraint articles for children occupants of motor vehiclesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-5830:2021
Motor vehicle horns and hornsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3721:2018A
Reflectors for motor vehiclesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-4135:2018
Brake hose for motor vehiclesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3561:2018A/
Interior trimmingVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-5101:2020
Door locks and hinges for motor vehiclesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-6105:2019
Fuel tanks for motor vehicles Voluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-1101:2021
Motor-Vehicles EngineVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-1041-2009A
Car steering wheelVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3402-2006B
EngineVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-1000:2021
Motorcycle engineVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SBM-1000:2018
General gas spring for automobilesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-2930-2003
Car lighting and light signal deviceVoluntary CertificateCCAP-CAMRA-003:2020
Auto Windshield WiperVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-5205-2014B
Auto Windshield WasherVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-5207-2014
WheelVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3101-2012B
WheelVoluntary CertificateCQC16-491292-2018
Steering lock with ignition switchVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3795-2003
Car alternatorVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3701-2005
Car starter motorVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3708-2005
Lead-acid battery for car startVoluntary CertificateCQC16-464213-2014
Car exhaust mufflerVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-1201-2010A
Triangular warning signVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3926-2016A
Automotive air conditioning refrigeration unitVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-8100-2021
Refrigeration compressor for automobile air conditionerVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-8103:2021
Automotive air-conditioning (HFC-134a) hoses and hose assembliesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-8108-2006A
Automotive air-conditioning (HFC-134a) sealsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-8125-2011
Thermal expansion valve for automobile air conditioner (HFC-134a)Voluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-8106-2003
Liquid storage dryer for automobile air conditioner (HFC-134a)Voluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-8109-2003
Liquid gas separator for automobile air conditioner (HFC-134a)Voluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-8122-2003
Air conditioning equipment of Motor VehiclesVoluntary CertificateCQC16-491295-2018
Automobile BrakesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3501-2011B
Brake master cylinderVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3505-2009A
Shock absorberVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-2905-2010A
Automotive connectorsVoluntary CertificateCQC16-471842-2010
Automobile universal joint cross shaft assemblyVoluntary CertificateCQC16-491275-2010
Automobile hub bearingVoluntary CertificateCQC16-491274-2010
Constant velocity joint for automobile and its assemblyVoluntary CertificateCQC16-491273-2010
Vehicle power batteryVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-3703:2020
Power Batteries Used in VehicleVoluntary CertificateCQC12-464221-2017
Battery and charger for electric bicycleVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-464204:2021
Road vehicles and components (ESA)Voluntary CertificateCQC15-491103-2018
Passenger car tire pressure monitoring systemVoluntary CertificateCQC16-491277-2018
Car speedometerVoluntary CertificateCQC16-482643-2018
brake linings for automobilesVoluntary CertificateCQC16-491278-2019
Reflective vest for motor vehicle passengersVoluntary CertificateCQC16-267111-2021
Automotive LiDARVoluntary CertificateCQC16-474031-2022
DC/DC Converter for Electric Vehicles Voluntary CertificateCQC16-491279-2022
Functional Safety of Road vehicles Voluntary CertificateCQC11-491104-2022
Automotive V beltVoluntary CertificateCQC16-362421-2010
Fuel cell stack for fuel cell electric vehicleVoluntary CertificateCQC11-464121-2020
Electric bicycle non-metallic materials and partsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-5561-2019
Reflective undershirt for automobile occupantsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-28225:2021
Rubber and plastic sealing strips for automobilesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-5206-2009A
Reflector for BicycleVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-499420:2020
Automotive Covering Parts (Plastic Parts)Voluntary CertificateCCAP-CAMRA-004:2020
Electric bicycle occupant helmetVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-369711:2021
High-strength bolts and nuts for automobilesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-9001-2012
Wire rope assemblies for cranesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3907-2018
Earthmoving machine dump truckVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-0009-2014
Internal Combustion Engine Connecting RodVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-1004-2011
Automobile engine oil pumpVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-1011-2003
Internal combustion engine valve springVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-1040-2010
Diesel engine fuel injection deviceVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-1111-2011B
Truck-mounted craneVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-43521:2019
Emergency and Standby Diesel Generating SetVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-469120:2021
Car reversing alarmVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3776-2003
Automotive Central Electrical Junction BoxVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-4016-2004
Car signal flasherVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-4136-2003
Automotive glass lifterVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-5204-2012C
Bicycle lighting and light signal deviceVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-469130:2020
Instruments for automobiles and motorcyclesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3800-2008A
Automotive Green Products-Passenger CarsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-0010-2017
Automotive Green Products-Pure Electric Passenger CarsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-0011-2017
Automotive Green Products-Plug-in Hybrid Electric Passenger CarsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-0012-2017
Air filters for automobilesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-1109-2008B
Gas Vehicle Special PartsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-1151-2010A
Automotive Engine Cooling Water PumpVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-1307-2003
Auto Fan and Fan ClutchVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-1308-2008B
Automotive dry friction clutchVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-1601-2005
Automotive mechanical transmission assemblyVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-1700-2011
Automotive Drive Shaft AssembliesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-2200-2012
Automotive Half-shaftVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-2303-2003 
Automotive Drive AxleVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-2400-2003
Automotive Steel Plate Spring AssemblyVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-2901-2010
Automotive front axleVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3000-2003
Automotive mechanical steering gearVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3401-2003
Brake Discs for AutomobilesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-3503:2020
Automotive Vacuum BoosterVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3510-2003
Air dryer for automotive air brake systemVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-3555-2003
Passenger door pump for passenger carVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-6711-2003
Auto sun visorVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-8204-2006
Motorcycle exhaust mufflerVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SBM-1208-2009A
Motorcycle shock absorberVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SBM-2905-2007
Motorcycle wheelsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SBM-3101-2011B
Motorcycle RimsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SBM-3113-2010B
Motorcycle BrakesVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SBM-3501-2007
Motorcycle cableVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SBM-3570-2003
Motorcycle Anti-theft DeviceVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SBM-3778-2003
Auto Air Conditioner FilterVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-1109:2019
Electric Bicycle ControllerVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-499422:2020
Car lifting tailgateVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-491293:2020
Frame, Fork and Handle of Electric BicycleVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-49942:2021
BicycleVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-49921:2021
Energy-saving and Environment-friendly CarsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-0014-2014C
Webbings for Safety BeltsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-SB-5811-2017
Engines of Non-road Mobile MachineryVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-431100:2022
Parts of Baby Carriage productsVoluntary CertificateCCAP-GZ-499421:2022