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Product Testing

Product testing, for example for CCC Certification, is a key element in demonstrating compliance with relevant standards and norms in China. In some cases, different test laboratories can perform these tests, depending on the field and application.

Important Criteria for test-lab selection

By which Chinese standard is the product supposed to be tested?

Depending on whether it is GB, GB/T, JB, JB/T, HJ, HJ/T, JG, JT, JT/T, QB, QB/T, QC/T, QCn, T/CAMRA, T/CICEIA/CAMS or T/ZJBE, different test laboratories can perform the tests. The selection and clarification which test standards are relevant for your products is a big challenge for many manufacturers. MPR China Certification will gladly check for you which standards and norms are relevant for the verification of product conformity.

What is the area of usage for the test report?

Based on the standard, the area of usage must be defined. If only conformity tests for internal purposes are necessary, usually all test laboratories can be selected, which can test the relevant norms and standards. The situation is different if the test reports are to be used for Chinese authorities (in the complete vehicle technical description or for certifications). In this case, CNAS-accredited test laboratories must be selected, especially for the initial testing.

Why should you rely on our expertise when choosing a test laboratory:

  • Selecting the wrong test lab can lead to the need for retesting later
  • Customs clearance of test products should be considered when selecting a test lab
  • Long-standing relationships with various test laboratories enable us to discuss questions and comments from our customers specifically with the responsible persons at the test laboratory
  • Cost transparency and verified test plans
  • Special services provided by the test laboratories (including storage service, translations, parallel testing of other standards, etc.

What type of test report is needed?

In addition to the scope, the type of test report is also relevant. Depending on what kind of test report is to be obtained, further specifications arise:

  • MIIT test reports (CNAS accredited test lab, accredited for Gonggao by MIIT)
  • National test reports (CNAS accredited test laboratory)
  • Random sample test reports (CNAS accredited test laboratory)
  • Type test report (CNAS accredited test lab)
  • “Conformity of Production” test reports (usually no restrictions)

There are different requirements on formatting depending on the type of test report. Some of these differences include the number of test samples required, the scope of testing, testing interval and testing costs. We will support you with:

  • The required number of test samples
  • The minimum requirements for requalification testing and design your CoP control plan accordingly in terms of test scope and interval
  • The exact scope of testing before providing the test samples
  • You will only pay for the testing costs that are relevant to the testing you require

MPR China Certification has expertise in testing complete vehicles, components as well as industrial equipment. For electric vehicles we offer extensive services for battery and charging systems, automotive seating and interior trim. For some products testing can be performed at specific test laboratories in Europe. We will be happy to inform you about your options.

We offer certification and testing services for China as well as for other markets such as Taiwan, Korea and India.

You can find more information in our overview of GB standards and norms for China, according to which we can carry out product testing for you.

Your One-Stop Certification Solution.

Our complete package for product certifications for China.

Clarification and selection of the appropriate test laboratory

Determination of the required test samples

Execution of the product tests

Organization of customs clearance for tests in China

Delivery of your test samples from Chinese customs to the appropriate test lab

Storage service of test samples/accessories in China

Clarification of relevant standards

Provision of translations (test reports, standards, etc.)