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What is the CCIC Quality Inspection for China?

China CCIC Quality Inspection is an inspection for products imported into China or imported from China that need to be checked for quality. The Chinese authority AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine), which was founded in April 2001, is responsible for the quality control of imported and exported products. They control and monitor the import and export of products based on current laws and regulations. To control the administrative burden both within the country and outside China, there are numerous recognized bodies, including CCIC, which are authorized to carry out quality inspections independent of the manufacturer.

The CCIC Quality Inspection may be performed on a voluntary basis to confirm proof of product condition prior to shipment. In certain cases, however, the inspection may also be required to allow the goods to be imported. In cases where it is required, if no CCIC Quality Inspection Report is available, the goods must be returned back to the exporting country.

In which cases is the CCIC Quality Inspection required?

The performance of a CCIC Quality Inspection can have various reasons and can be performed on a wide variety of products. It should be noted that the inspection is not purely related to the production of products but can also be used to check the contents of a shipment.

Other reasons for a CCIC Quality Inspection include:

  • The quality requirements of the customer or from commercial contracts is required to be confirmed
  • Marketing purposes (for example for goods sold through e-commerce platforms)
  • Documentation for complaint cases:
    This concerns goods that are to be returned or returned by mutual agreement between the seller and the buyer for defective products. The inspection report is necessary to confirm the specified defects with Chinese customs and or the supplier.

CCIC Quality Inspection PROCESS


Preparation of the application documents


Submission of documents and payment of the application fee


Appointment for the inspection at your desired location




Issuance of inspection report

The inspection of the products includes testing to the usual safety requirements. However, it may also be possible to specify a particular inspection standard or test methods to which the inspection is to be carried out. If no specific inspection standard or test method is desired, the inspection is usually performed in accordance with GB/T 2828.

Depending on the product and requirements, laboratory tests may be performed.

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Checking that all data on the CCIC quality certificate is correct

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