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What is the CCIC Pre-Shipment Inspection for China?

The China CCIC Pre-Shipment Inspection is a pre-shipment inspection for used machinery imported into China. The Chinese authority responsible for quality control of goods is the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), which also controls and monitors the import of used machinery on the basis of Chinese laws and regulations.

The process of exporting used machinery to China has been simplified with AQSIQ Notice Number 145 / 2014. Since the implementation of the new notice the customs tariff number can be used to determine whether and how you can export your used machinery to China. The export can take place after the relevant CCIC Pre-Shipment Inspection has been carried out, which must be performed by an AQSIQ-approved body.

The entire process must be completed locally in the exporting country, on-site inspection of the goods in China is not possible. In case of shipment without prior China pre-shipment inspection, the goods will be sent back to the exporting country.

Which Products Require CCIC approval?

In general, the following points can be used to determine if a product requires a China pre-shipment inspection (PSI):

1. Mechanical and electrical products that have been used and still have basic functions and a certain use value
2. Mechanical and electrical products that have not been used but have been stored and have exceeded the quality guarantee period
3. Unused mechanical and electrical products that have been stored for too long and show an obvious noticeable loss of components
4. Mechanical and electrical products mixed with old and new components
5. Large used complete equipment sets (such as production machinery or other machinery)



Preparation of application with Chinese applicant


Submission of application documents and payment of fees


Publication of inspection date at location of your choice




Issuance of certificate and delivery to China

Based on the HS Code, the quality inspection requirements for the used machine can be determined and the application can be submitted. The applicant must be a Chinese company. After confirmation that the import is possible, an authorized body can carry out the inspection (pre-shipment inspection) on your premises in a short time.

During the CCIC PSI Inspection, the machines are checked for safety, hygiene and environmental compatibility in accordance with Chinese legal requirements. The machines may still be in operation or disassembled, but it is a prerequisite that they are still unpackaged in order to pass the China pre-shipment inspection by the inspectors.

The certificate issuance will take place directly after the inspection date. There are a number of products that are excluded from importation with a CCIC pre-shipment inspection, such as monitors, recording equipment, stoves, gas containers, etc. You can get a complete list from us.

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Application preparation

Pre-shipment inspection at the plant and coordination of the auditor

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Upon request we will provide you with an interpreter

Checking the CCIC certificates before they are finally sent to China

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