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Updates to GB/T15579 Standard for Arc Welders

14. May 2024

On April 1, 2024, newly updated versions of the GB Standard GB/T15579 came into effect that affect arc welding machines. The new standards are GB/T15579.5-2023 “Arc welding equipment – Part 5: Wire feeder” and GB/T15579.7-2023 “Arc welding equipment – Part 7: Welding torches (welding guns)”. These replace their previous versions with the year ending “-2013”.
Products in these categories can be CQC-certified to demonstrate compliance with Chinese product safety and quality regulations. For many products, this is mandatory in order to be approved for import and distribution on the Chinese market.

The most significant changes in the updates are as follows:


a) The following scope of the standard has been deleted: “This part does not apply to wire feeders for use by non-specialists in IEC 60974-6” (Chapter 1 of the 2013 edition).

b) Deletion of terms and definitions such as extrusion area, welding wire, etc. (see Chapter 3 of the 2013 edition).

c) Requirements for pressure gauges have been added and accuracy requirements for electrical gauges have been changed (see 5.2, 5.2 of the 2013 edition).

d) The IEC 60529 test methods and conditions for enclosure protection have been added to the conformity test requirements for enclosure drainage (see 6.2.1).

e) Protection against electric shock: increased requirements for the contact current of the welding circuit and the contact current under general conditions (see Chapter 6).

f) Addition of non-routine operating requirements (see Chapter 10).

This document complies with IEC 60974-5:2019 “Arc welding equipment – Part 5: Wire feeder equipment”.


a) “Scope” additions and clarifications (see Chapter 1).

(b) Addition of two new items and deletion of one item on “Terms and definitions” (see Chapter 3, Chapter 3 of the 2013 edition).

c) Deletion of one point regarding ambient air temperature range and change of one point regarding relative humidity (see Chapter 4, Chapter 4 of the 2013 edition).

d) Modification of the requirements for ambient temperature and accuracy of testing for electrical measuring instruments (see 6.1, 6.1 in the 2013 edition).

(e) Increase of the nominal voltage requirements for mechanically guided torches (guns) and burner coupling devices (see 7.1).

f) The requirements for arc strike and arc stabilization voltage have been deleted (see 7.3 in the 2013 edition).

g) Additional requirements for plasma torches (see 7.3.2).

h) Increased requirements for arc impact and arc stabilization voltages (see 7.5).

(i) Addition of regulations for mechanically guided burners (guns) and smoke extraction burners (guns) (see 8.1).

(j) Torches (pliers) for submerged arc welding have been added (see 8.3.5).

k) Exclusion of “weld-proof spatter” has been added (see Chapter 10).

l) Addition of requirements for the handle material under “mechanical protection” (see 11.3).

m) Requirements for smoke extraction burners (guns) have been added to the “Instruction manual” (see Chapter 13).

This document complies with IEC 60974-7:2019 Arc welding equipment – Part 7: Welding torches (pliers).

Both documents are under the control of the National Technical Committee for the Standardization of Electrofusion Machines (SAC/TC70).

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