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New Wi-Fi Standard for SRRC Certification in China

22. February 2024

With the Wi-Fi Alliance officially announcing the launch of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ certification program this year, more and more new generation Wi-Fi 7 (802.11be) devices will appear on the market. Wireless, radio and telecommunications products in China generally require SRRC Certification in order to be approved for import and use on the Chinese market.

Announcement No. 129 Notice on Strengthening and Standardizing Radio Management in the 2400 MHz, 5100 MHz and 5800 MHz Frequency Bands of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) was issued in China with the aim of promoting the high-quality development of the WLAN industry and the standardization of products based on the IEEE 802.11be standard. In November 2023, the State Radio Monitoring Center issued a notice on “Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Model Approval of WLAN Devices Using the IEEE 802.11be Technical Standard”.

The State Radio Monitoring Center issued a notice on “Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Model Approval of Wireless LAN Equipment Using the IEEE 802.11be Technical Standard” on November 28th, 2023.

The Notice requires that wireless LAN equipment using IEEE 802.11be technology produced or imported for sale and use in China should comply with the relevant requirements stipulated in Document No. 129 and following three test items:

  • Multi-link Operation (MLO) Characteristics
  • Multi-resource unit (MRU) Spectrum Template
  • Vector Magnitude Error (EVM)

The Notice came into effect on the date of issuance.

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