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Resolution TC11-2022-01 on the Implementation of GB Updates in the Automotive Sector

20. April 2023

The years 2019 to 2022 were characterized by many regulatory updates in the automotive sector in China. For eleven of these standards a new resolution, TC11-2022-01, was published on Jan. 16, 2023 and aims to simplify their implementation and coordination for manufacturing companies. Many products in the automotive industry (for example complete vehicles and numerous components) require a CCC certification, a voluntary CQC certification or a voluntary CCAP  certification for China.

The new resolution was published by the technical expert group TC11 of the Certification Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA). It mainly deals with deadlines for the implementation of the new standards, as well as the possible consecutive issuance of new certificates. In this context, the resolution distinguishes between products to be newly certified, and products already certified according to the old standard.

New certificates generally must be issued within one year for products whose existing certification needs to be adapted. This also includes any new test scopes that may need to be assessed and perhaps implemented. If, on the other hand, a specific deadline for the certification update is specified in the applicable new standard, it will always take precedence over the one-year deadline.

The eleven standards covered by resolution TC11-2022-01 include among others:

– GB/T 19754-2021: Energy consumption of heavy-duty hybrid electric vehicles

– GB/T 27840-2021: Fuel consumption of heavy commercial vehicles

– GB/T 19056-2021: Car drive recorders

– GB/T 6068-2021: Truck cranes and tire cranes

– GB 16897-2022: Brake hoses

All updates are of great relevance for not only for the manufacturers of certified products, but also their suppliers and their customers.

The Chinese GB Standards and Implementation Rules are regularly revised by the authorities, often having considerable implications for the corresponding product manufacturers. Updates are usually not announced and must be independently tracked and implemented by certified factories. Failure to do so may result in severe consequences, including cancellation of certification.

MPR China Certification GmbH updates our news articles early as possible about any changes to the GB Standards and Implementation Regulations. We also inform our clients directly of relevant changes and any required updates needed to maintain their certificates in good standing. In the case of modifications to the content, we will be happy to check the relevance for you individually. This is enabled through our long-term relationships with the certification bodies and close coordination with the relevant authorities and test laboratories. Our services allow you to focus on your core business by protecting you from potential certification-related consequences in your China affairs. 

For more information on how CCC certification, the CCC Self-Declaration and voluntary CCAP or CQC certification may affect your company, or for more information about CCC certification in general, please visit our News Section where you will find current updates twice a week.

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You can also check out our free CCC-Brochure, which can be downloaded as a PDF file. The brochure also contains information on the CCC Self-Declaration and the voluntary CQC- and CCAP-Certification).

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