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Release of 21 GB Standards, including for Passenger Vehicle Seats

18. January 2024

In November 2023, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), together with the National Standardization Administration Committee, officially announced and approved 21 new, mandatory GB Standards, including GB 13057-2023 Strength of passenger car seats and their vehicle fasteners. This replaces the previous version GB 13057-2014 and came into force January 01, 2024. Car seats and components, as well as their fasteners in vehicles, are generally subject to CCC Certification.

In China, vehicles and automotive components must meet strict eligibility criteria for CCC certification. Since its introduction in 2002, this certification has applied to both imported and domestic products. Meeting the deadlines set by the GB standards for product testing and auditing is a mandatory requirement of CCC certification. In addition, it is necessary for change management in the automotive industry to remain flexible and to be strategically planned specifically for the Chinese market.

Overview of the new GB standards:

Serial NumberStandardStandard NameReplacingImplementation date
1GB 1103.1-2023Cotton Part 1: Sawtooth Finished Fine Staple CottonGB 1103.1-20122024-09-01
2GB 7957-2023Safety technical requirements for miner’s lamps used in coal minesGB/T 7957-20172025-04-01
3GB 8599-2023Technical requirements for large pressure steam sterilizersGB 8599-20082026-10-01
4GB 13057-2023Strength of passenger car seats and their vehicle fastenersGB 13057-20142024-01-01
5GB 13392-2023Road transport dangerous goods vehicle signsGB 13392-20052025-04-01
6GB 16798-2023Food machinery safety requirementsGB 16798-19972024-04-01
7GB 16994.4-2023Safety requirements for port operations Part 4: General cargo containersGB 11602-20072024-04-01
8GB 18279-2023Development, validation and routine control requirements for ethylene oxide medical device sterilization processes for healthcare product sterilizationGB 18279.1-2015,GB/T 18279.2-20152026-10-01
9GB 21347-2023Energy consumption limit per unit product for industrial silicon and magnesiumGB 21347-2012, GB 31338-20142024-10-01
10GB 22757.1-2023Light vehicle energy consumption labeling Part 1: Gasoline and diesel vehiclesGB 22757.1-20172024-07-01
11GB 22757.2-2023Light vehicle energy consumption labeling Part 2: Externally rechargeable hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehiclesGB 22757.2-20172024-07-01
12GB 24502-2023Coal mine self-rescuerGB 24502-20092024-10-01
13GB 25287-2023Perimeter protection high-voltage power grid deviceGB 25287-20102025-04-01
14GB 29753-2023Safety requirements and test methods for refrigerated trucks transporting perishable food and biological products by roadGB 29753-20132024-01-01
15GB 43049-2023Continuous casting machine safety technical conditions2024-10-01
16GB 43066-2023Safety technical requirements for passive explosion-proof facilities in coal mines2024-04-01
17GB 43067-2023Safety technical requirements for instruments used in coal mines2024-04-01
18GB 43068-2023Safety technical requirements for protective devices for sports cars used in coal mines2024-04-01
19GB 43069-2023Safety technical requirements for mining cables2025-04-01
20GB 43203-2023Coal Preparation Plant Safety Regulations2024-07-01
21GB 43284-2023Limit excessive packaging of goods and require fresh edible agricultural products2024-04-01

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