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New Coding Format and SRRC Certificate Format in China

8. February 2024

According to the “Radio Transmitting Equipment Management Regulations” (MIIT Announcement No. 57 in 2022), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China revised the documents “Radio Transmitting Equipment SRRC Certificate Format” and “Radio Transmitting Equipment SRRC Certificate Coding Rules”. Telecommunications and radio devices generally require SRRC certification in order to be approved for import and sale in China.

These two documents will be effective from December 1, 2023. The original “Notice of the Ministry of Information Industry on Strengthening the Management of Radio Transmitting Equipment” (MIIT Announcement No. 363) and the “Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Changing the SRRC Code Format of Radio Transmitting Equipment” (MIIT Announcement No. 9) will be abolished.

New SRRC certificate format:

The new SRRC certificate will be in the following format:

The new version of the SRRC certificate consists of a main page and attachments: In the new version of the certificate, main information such as the certified product unit and equipment name is reflected on the first page, and specific information such as technical parameters is reflected on the attachment.

In addition, the new certificate will also have the information of the OEM company through Attachment 2. It contains information such as the device’s manufacturing company information, company attributes, and address.

The new version of SRRC certificate also promotes the development of the conversion from paper certificates to electronic certificates.

New SRRC certificate coding system:

The old version of SRRC code is obtained after the SRRC certificate is issued, while the new version of the code can be obtained in advance when the applicant submits the SRRC application.

The new SRRC code structure is “CMIIT ID: AABCCDDDEEEE”, where the CMIIT ID remains unchanged. The new SRRC code has a total of 12 digits:

– AA represents the year code (2 digits). E.g., 24 for 2024.

– B represents the equipment code (1 capital letter)

– CC represents the territorial code. (2 digits)

– DDD represents the enterprise code (3 digits, including at least 1 digit)

– EEEE is an autonomous code (4 digits, the first one can be capital letter or number, the last three must be digits).

The SRRC certificate applicants can compile their own codes according to the rules, but they need to pay attention to the following matters:

  1. The independently compiled SRRC code should comply with radio management laws and regulations and must not violate public order or cause any ambiguity.
  2. The autonomous part of the code is independently defined and generated by the applicant according to the rules. Applicants should strengthen independent code management to avoid submitting duplicate or invalid codes when applying. After the SRRC application is accepted, the applicant is not allowed to change the SRRC code on its own.
  3. The year code is the year when the application was submitted. For applications where the application and certification time are not in the same year, the year code should still be filled in according to the time when the application was submitted.
  4. For applicants who give up on compiling their own SRRC codes, the system will randomly generate the SRRC code.
  5. The SRRC code can be obtained when submitting the application, but the actual effective date is still after the SRRC certificate is issued. Only after obtaining the SRRC certificate, the enterprises can produce and sell related radio transmitting equipment.

After the new version of the SRRC certificate and coding system are officially implemented, the previous version of SRRC certificate and its original code (CMIIT ID number) are still valid and do not need to be adjusted as long as the certificate is still valid. If the SRRC certificate needs to be extended or changed, the applicant can submit an application in accordance with the relevant regulations of radio management. After obtaining the new version of the SRRC certificate, the CMIIT ID number will remain unchanged. For newly applied equipment, a new version of SRRC certificate and code will be obtained according to the new regulations.

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