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Consulting Services for Vehicle Manufacturers and Industrial Enterprises

The regulatory requirements for complete vehicle manufacturers and industrial companies for markets in China, Taiwan, India, Korea are subject to ongoing changes. As a certification service provider for these markets, we offer tailor-made management solutions in the areas of:

  • Legal and regulatory management
  • Project support for complete vehicle homologation
  • Database management and maintenance
  • Change management
  • Supplier support for component certification

Depending on the export country, different market-specific requirements apply to components and/or production sites, which must have the corresponding certification, test certificates or manufacturers’ “self-declaration” certification.

Legal and Regulatory Management

The identification of legal requirements and the understanding of testing standards, implementing rules and norms are the basis for the evaluation and approval of products in the individual markets.

We can handle the following tasks for you:

  • Review of current legal and regulatory requirements
  • Classification of regulations in the international context
  • Evaluation of the test requirements
  • Assessment of labelling and packaging requirements
  • Necessity of certification and/or “self-declaration” certification
  • Budget estimation and controlling
  • Translation of documents

Project Support and Complete Vehicle Homologation

To serve international markets, appropriate planning and cost assessment as well as validation of regulatory requirements is necessary. MPR China Certification accompanies your organization in all projects and project phases from project planning, initiation and execution, SOP, and series production through EOP.

With our own offices and partners in the local markets, we can quickly and specifically assess your approval projects and present you with a realistic cost, requirements and time frame.

As certifications and approvals are in many cases time sensitive and ongoing requirements for conformity of production (CoP), the tracking and maintenance of certificates is important. We take over certificate management for you.

Database Management and Maintenance

The management of existing certificates, test reports and manufacturers’ self-declaration certification is the basis for compliant production. MPR China Certification supports your company in the following areas:

  • Determining the requirements for your database, its initial filling and, if necessary, additional database maintenance
  • Evaluation of the dependencies between individual certificates and reports
  • Advice on legal deadlines that must be met
  • Evaluation and maintenance of master data
  • Clarification of interfaces to existing internal systems and, if applicable, the systems of your suppliers

Change Management

Changes in norms and/or test standards are a decisive factor for homologation and spare parts deliveries for manufacturers. Our change management service includes the identification of necessary changes, the analysis of products, the coordination of communication and the realisation of certifications.

Common problems:

  • Misinterpretation of regulations by suppliers and employees
  • Lack of coordination between suppliers and OEM
  • Lengthy coordination of certification processes
  • Difficulty in determining the site to be certified
  • Lack of understanding of the certification process
  • Inadequate and incorrect documentation and storage of certificates in databases

Advantages of our consulting package:

  • Less of a chance of misinterpretation due to direct contact with local authorities and testing laboratories.
  • Coordination of different suppliers and different departments of the OEM lead to higher consistency
  • Reliable provision of regulatory requirements, their interpretation and classification
  • Product marking advice based on experience
  • Consistency between application documents
  • Greater certainty in time management
  • Better cost transparency

Supplier Management for Component Certification

For overall vehicle homologation, the OEM can achieve significant time and cost advantages by centrally managing component approvals. Through coordinated application and the bundling of several supplier and production locations, redundancies in tests and certificates can often be avoided.

Due to our extensive network of automotive manufacturers, suppliers and industrial companies, we have extensive experience for all types of manufacturer requests in the area of approval for export markets. We support you from the identification of certification-relevant requirements of new components, through status checks of existing certifications, to the complete recertification of components and suppliers.

General Information

  • Information management (change request sheets, component images,
  • marking information, DUNS number, etc.)
  • Clarification of drawing contents
  • Support with drawing changes
  • Confirmation of request (after certification)
  • Verification of documents, for example:
    • Typing name / nomenclature / model designations
    • Certificates
    • Inspection reports
    • Marking approval
    • Manufacturer’s self-declarations
    • Test reports

Certificate Support

  • Verification of existing certificates
  • Explanation of which authorities are responsible
  • Verification of marking according to OEM requirements
  • Identification of components requiring testing and certification
  • Preparation of application documents and filing
  • Organisation of factory inspections
  • Organisation of product testing
  • Obtaining manufacturer’s self-declarations
  • Application for marking approval
  • Organisation of certificate changes

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