GB Standards

The GB Standard (GB stands for Guobiao, or “National Standard”) is the basis for testing products that require certification. Therefore, if there is no corresponding GB Standard for a product, CCC is not required.

The car itself is subject to certification, as are numerous individual automotive components. Certifying the individual components according to the CNCA automotive regulations is the preferred solution; otherwise, service parts imported into China may be detained by Chinese customs. The vehicle manufacturer may be permitted a certain range of parts included in the overall vehicle certification, but this can lead to complications if changes are made to the components or the suppliers. In addition, according to the relevant CNCA automotive norms, these components cannot be marked with the CCC mark.

For complete certification implementation and to ensure a smooth flow for supplying service parts, it is recommended, if not mandatory, to certify the following automotive products according to the relevant CNCA regulations.

You can download information about single GB Standards here.

Product name CNCA-Regulation GB Standard
Seat belt CNCA-C11-04 GB 14166
Tire CNCA-C12-01 GB 9746 


Safety glass products CNCA-C13-01 GB 9656
Headlamp CNCA-C11-07 GB 4599 

GB 4660

GB 11554

GB 5920

GB 15235

GB 17509

GB 18409

GB 18099

GB 18408

GB 25991

Front position lamp/ rear position lamp, parking lamp, outline marker lamp, braking lamp CNCA-02C-058
Turning-signal lamp CNCA-C11-07
Reversing lamp CNCA-C11-07
Front fog lamp, rear fog lamp CNCA-C11-07
Rear license-plate light CNCA-C11-07
Side-marker lamp CNCA-C11-07
Retro reflector CNCA-C11-07 GB 11564 


Seat and head restraints CNCA-C11-12 GB 15083 

GB 11550

GB 13057

GB 8410

Brake hose CNCA-C11-12 GB 16897
Rear-view mirror CNCA-C11-08 GB 15084
Fuel tank CNCA-C11-11 GB 18296
Horn CNCA-C11-05 GB 15742
Interior trimming material: floor covering, seat shield, decorating scale boards (inside door shield/panel, front wall inner shield, side wall inner shield, rear wall inner shield, roof liner) CNCA-C11-09 GB 8410
Door lock and door hinge CNCA-C11-10 GB 15086


We would like to also point out examples of exceptions to the certification requirement such as:

  1. Aluminum rims
  2. Interior lighting
  3. Warning lights in the doors
  4. Aluminum door sills

Especially for manufacturers of interior parts, specifying CCC requirements is not always easy, since the CNCA Implemenation Rules are complex and not clearly communicated. With numerous successfully completed certifications specifically in this area, we can provide very valuable support if your company needs a CCC mark for interior parts.

For more information about how we can assist you, please contact us by email.

Our introduction video gives an overview of the necessary steps involved in getting CCC certification.


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The CCAP has Opened a Representative Office on the Premises of MPR China Certification GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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