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China Certification is an excellent partner for the CCC certification in the automotive sector. We are providing leading automotive suppliers and car manufacturers with quick and smart solutions for their CCC certification. We offer you our support for every project related to the Automotive CCC.

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The China Compulsory Certification (CCC) is a mandatory certification for products exported to China.
We are experienced in the CCC certification process for all kinds of product categories. The CCC certification process will be simple and easy with China Certification Corporation as a professional partner by your side.

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HAF604, Taiwan Certification, CRCC for Railway Products, SRRC Type Approval, NAL (Network Access License), AQSIQ registration, Voluntary CQC Mark Certification, CCCF for Fire Products: We support you in all types of certifications for the Chinese market.

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China Certification provides a range of specialized consulting services, especially for car manufacturers and large industrial companies. With the consulting packages the certifications as well as internal procedures related to international product certifications can be streamlined.

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China Certification Corporation offers customized CCC training to fit your company needs. Our trainer will come to your location and provide the training, up to date information and pass on valuable tips from our many years of experience. Call us today to learn more!

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Since 2005, MPR China Certification GmbH – China Certification Corporation has been supporting companies around the world in obtaining the required product certifications for the Chinese market. With a strong team located worldwide, we can offer you the best solution for your enquiries.

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Product Certification for the Taiwanese market: Taiwan VSCC Certification

What is the VSCC certification?

The VSCC certification stands for Vehicle Safety Certification Center and describes the organization responsible for the approval of automotive products in Taiwan. The agency was established in March 2009 by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

For the import to Taiwan, it must be proven that the products meet the Taiwanese safety and quality standards. For this purpose, the test standards published by VSCC, the so-called Vehicle Safety Test Directions, are used. If there is a test standard, certification for the respective product is possible.


Here is a brief video about the VSCC certification, presented by Julian Busch, director of
MPR China Certification GmbH / China Certification Corporation:

You can also watch this video on our Video Channel.


What products need VSCC approval?

The VSCC is responsible for the Taiwan VSCC approval for automotive products such as interior trim components, seats, safety glass, tires, etc., as well as the overall vehicle.

In addition, many other electronic components that are installed in the vehicle also fall under their area of ​​responsibility. Different test requirements apply depending on the product.


It makes sense to get a precise product evaluation by VSCC in order to determine the requirements applicable for a product in order to bring them onto the market. Therefore, a good cooperation with VSCC is important.


VSCC certification process:

There are significant differences between the VSCC approval and the CCC certification process. The biggest difference is that no factory inspection is required during initial certification, which means the process can be completed more quickly than in case of CCC certification.

The first factory inspection from Vehicle Safety Certification Center Taiwan takes place after 3 years from the initial application, but the process of the factory inspection is comparable to the CCC certification. In addition to the factory inspection, the VSCC annually checks the status of the quality management certificates of the manufacturing plants, which is why an annual document review is necessary in order to maintain the validity of the certificates.

In the case of VSCC certification, the certificates are called Examination Reports.

There are two steps required to receive the Examination Report:

  1. Company Registration at VSCC
  2. Product testing according to the Vehicle Safety Testing Directions

A plant must register with VSCC before it can apply for the certificate. If a company is already registered, further plants can be registered with VSCC.

The tests are based on the Taiwanese test standards, the “Vehicle Safety Testing Directions”. The Vehicle Safety Testing Directions are also often abbreviated with VSTD. As an example, the test standard VSTD 19-1 applies to interior trimming components and is comparable to GB 8410, the test standard for CCAP / CQC certification. The VSTD largely corresponds to the ECE regulations, but ECE tests cannot replace VSCC test reports.



Process of the VSCC Certification for Taiwan:


VSCC certification mark:

For the VSCC Certificate Taiwan there are only 6 products in total that require marking with the symbols shown below.

The 6 product categories deal with tachographs, trailer coupling devices, luggage racks, payload meter, retroreflective markings and seat belts.

The symbol shown below is only used for seat belts:


All other products mentioned must be marked with the following logo after the VSCC registration:VSCC-certification-mark

There are special requirements for marking that have to be observed carefully, e.g. diameter, height. If a part is marked incorrectly, there is a good chance that the goods will be detained at customs. If a product needs to be marked should be discussed with the Taiwanese authorities in every single case.

General information about VSCC Taiwan certification


Validity of the certificate No expiration date
Process time for certification 2-4 months
Marking Only 6 product categories need to be marked
Testing required Yes
Factory inspection required? Not for the initial certification. An audit will be requested every 3 years
Representative in Taiwan Not necessary
Follow-Up process Annual document review is necessary as well as a factory inspection every 3 years


VSCC-Certification FAQ:

How do I know if my products need VSCC Taiwan registration?

The VSCC registration is mainly relevant for vehicle components. There is a list showing which products require VSCC Taiwan Registration, but we recommend checking with the VSCC directly. If needed, we can support you with that.

How long does the VSCC Taiwan certification process take?

VSCC certification takes an average of 2-4 months.

How long is the VSCC certificate (called Examination Report) valid?

There is no expiration date for the Examination Report.

How can I best prepare myself for the VSCC Taiwan certification?

Application for the Taiwan Examination Report requires testing according to the Vehicle Safety Test Directions (VSTD). Therefore, the best way to prepare is to check the appropriate test standard and make sure that the product will pass the test. Furthermore, it is helpful to read the regulations and being IATF certified.

Which factories need to be audited?

The factory which applied for the VSCC Examination Report will be audited. Usually, it is the same factory which is producing the final product or doing the last quality assurance steps before delivering to the OEM.

The inspection is not required during the initial certification process. The first onsite inspection will be required within 1 to 3 years after the first Examination Report is issued by VSCC. Usually, it will be organized in the third year. Usually, a follow-up audit then happens every three years.

After certification, how do I have to mark my products?

The marking with the approval label (CC mark) is only required for the following products:

  1. Tachograph
  2. Coupling devices for trailer towed by small vehicles
  3. Luggage racks for small vehicles
  4. Payload meter
  5. Retro-reflective marking
  6. Safety belt

Do the authorities inform VSCC Taiwan certificate holders about changes in the regulatory system?

The answer is no. The applicant is responsible for being up to date. Companies are obligated to conduct their own research regarding changes if they do not hire an advisory firm to monitor changes that would affect product compliance.


How to get VSCC certification:

Are you interested in the certification of products and automobile components for the Taiwanese market? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

  • We will check whether your products require authorization
  • We offer a non-binding quote for the Taiwan Certification, in order to provide an idea of costs and expenses
  • We accompany you through the entire certification process when using our service. We take over all communications with the Taiwanese authorities, provide advice on how to fill out application documents, handle product tests, and provide support when applying for the approval label
  • We pay all application and test fees to the Taiwanese authorities
  • We ensure that the certification process runs as smoothly and quickly as possible, and that effort on your part is minimized

You can easily get access to our Taiwan Certification brochure right here.
Of course, we are able to answer any general questions you may have regarding the Taiwan Certificate. Send us an email or call us and we will be pleased to assist you.
UK: +44 2071931135, Rest of Europe: +49-69-2713769150, US: +1 773 654-2673

Do you have any questions regarding certifications? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat. You will find the chat window at the bottom right of each page (if this is not visible, please check your browser settings).

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