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Volkswagen launches model offensive in China – SUVs are in the focus

22. May 2018

The launch of the model offensive was announced at the auto show in Beijing, where Volkswagen presented its new Touareg. Until 2020 another ten new SUVs will follow. Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess gave the green light for a national advertising campaign in China, which should further strengthen the reputation of the brand. The Chinese market has become one of the most important for Volkswagen worldwide. In no other country or region could the VW group sell more cars. Last year 3.2 million vehicles were sold, representing a market share of 13%. According to CEO Diess this must mean however no standstill for the development at VW. He announced a complete overhaul and expansion of the model range until 2020, with nine premieres to follow later this year.

The model offensive with new and innovative vehicles focuses on SUVs. The worldwide trend for these SUVs is particularly distinctive in China. Market researchers predict that in China soon every second new car sold will be an SUV. VW would like to benefit from this development and introduce 10 new SUV models in the next three years, but even electric cars are a topic for VW.

Automotive Market in China

This year, a plug-in hybrid version of the Tiguan and a fully electric version of the new Bora will be released. The new fleet of electric cars will be launched in China in 2020, almost at the same time as in Europe and the US.

In China, VW operates a total of 19 production sites, of which nine are for vehicle manufacturing and the remaining 10 component plants. Many of the more than 20 models that Volkswagen offers in China are designed specifically for this market. Among them are the Teramont, a mid-range SUV that is also built and sold in the US under the name VW Atlas. Other only in China available models are the Phideon, a luxury saloon based on the Audi A6 and the Lamando, a Golf-based coupe.

Due to the increasing global presence of Volkswagen, formerly centrally in Wolfsburg located de-partments would have to be relocated abroad. The Volkswagen Group has set up three joint ventures in China with FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Audi and Shanghai Volkswagen in order to be able to produce for the local market.
In addition, several vehicles produced outside of China are CCC certified and all vehicles manufac-tured in China have China CCC certification.

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