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Volkswagen Group China and SEAT are planning a cooperation with Chinese electromobility joint venture

20. July 2018

Volkswagen China JAC automobile (which is the Chinese Volkswagen Joint Venture in the electromobility segment) and SEAT have signed a memorandum of understanding last week. This is a clear evidence that the Spanish Volkswagen company is planning to appear on the Chinese market again.

In order to build electromobility vehicles for the Chinese market, SEAT is planning to become a shareholder of the Chinese Joint-Venture JAC starting as of 2021. It is not clear yet which type of shareholder SEAT and JAC will be choosing. But, in fact, SEAT will appear as a cooperation partner of JAC on the Chinese market, but as a stand-alone brand.

During the last years the Spanish automotive company has tried to get into the Chinese market several times, but without success. Now, Volkswagen hopes that its Spanish subsidiary company will be more successful with own electromobility vehicles.

Besides, SEAT, JAC and Volkswagen China are planning to build a new research and development centre until 2021 in order to succeed in the Chinese market with cars developed in China. Their new R&D centres’ purpose is to develop own electromobility vehicles, and to do research specifically in the fields of connectivity and autonomous driving.

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