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Taiwan wants to enter the global automotive market in the next few years

28. June 2018

So far, the East Asian island Taiwan is rather known for the production of electronic components, computers and smartphones. Numerous world-famous manufacturers such as Acer, Asus and HTC have their R & D centers and production facilities here. With a well-established supply chain and a high level of expertise in electronic component manufacturing, analysts say that Taiwan is ready to manufacture automotive products, especially for the growing number of electric cars.


Taiwan wants to enter the global automotive market


There are already two respected companies in Taiwan that produce electric cars or components for it. Xing Mobility Inc. already has a serial production ready vehicle. However, production is limited to 19 units and is more likely to be seen as a platform for R & D on electrically powered cars. Royce YC Hong, Chairman of Xing Mobility, sees his company in the future more as a supplier of electric drivetrains and motors and less as a vehicle manufacturer. Because the US-based manufacturer of electric cars, Tesla, has had its components manufactured in Taiwan at the beginning of its development work for their first production vehicle Tesla Roadster. The current CTO of Xing Mobility, Azizi Tucker, is also a former Tesla employee.

Another manufacturer, Electric Power Techology Limited, with its Hong Kong-registered subsidiary Thunder Power has been more in the Chinese market so far. In the future, Taiwan could serve as a production site for the electronic components. Thunder Power has recently unveiled a prototype with a 125 kWh battery and a mileage of 650 km. This is a new high in the field of fully electrically powered cars. In addition, the company has been able to employ experienced professionals from well-known car manufacturers, has registered 70 electromobility patents, and has secured $ 500 million in financial support from JP Morgan.

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