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Several new GB standards for car homologation announced (CNCA-C11-01:2014)

5. March 2019

There have been change of the Chinese national standards (GB standards) in regards to car homologation (e.g. GB 7258-2017) relevant to the implementation rules CNCA-C11-01: 2014. The China Certification Centre for Automotive Products (CCAP) recently published changes to the existing certifications and will need to be considered when updating to the current version.

Several new GB standards for car

Thirteen GB standards including, but not limited to, GB7258-2012 (“Safety requirements for the use of vehicles”), GB11567-2001 (“Safety requirements for lateral and rear parts of vehicles and trailers”) and GB13094-2007 (“Structural safety requirements of vehicles“) were replaced by ten new GB standards.

Productname Old standard New standard
Icons for controls, indicators and indicator lights of motor
GB 4094-1999 GB 4094-2016
Control, display and signaling devices GB/T 4094.2-2005 GB/T 4094.2-2017
Light distribution performance of fog lights for
motor vehicles
GB 4660-2007 GB 4660-2016
Safety requirements for the use of motor vehicles GB 7258-2012 GB 7258-2017
Safety requirements for lateral and rear parts of vehicles
and trailers
GB 11567.1-2001
GB 11567.2-2001
GB 11567-2017
Structural safety requirements of vehicles GB 13094-2007
GB/T 19950-2005
GB 18986-2003
GB 13094-2017
Test methods for the energy consumption and range of
electric vehicles
GB/T 18386-2005 GB/T 18386-2017
Limits and methods for measuring the intensity of
electromagnetic field emissions from electric vehicles
GB/T 18387-2008 GB/T 18387-2017
Consumption limit for light commercial vehicles GB 20997-2007 GB 20997-2015
Energy labeling for light vehicles Part 1:
Gasoline and diesel vehicles
GB 22757-2008 GB 22757.1-2017

Products that were certified according to the old versions need to be updated. This can be done by submitting a change application to CCAP. If the product, in the meantime, has to undergo tests it will be updated automatically. If you are unsure, please consult us.

Certificate owners are obliged to complete the change as soon as possible. If a certificate will not be updated within the given period it will be deemed out of compliance and eventually cancelled.

If the production of a certified product ended before the announcement there is no update needed… again please feel free to check with us to confirm.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the latest changes or need any further information regarding CCC certification. We advise you and support you throughout the China CCC process.

For more information on how CCC certification may affect your company, or for more information about CCC certification in general, the process, and the associated costs, please visit our website and our News Section where you will find current updates twice a week.

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