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NDK Manufacturer Certification for Turkey

your one-stop certification solution! NDK Manufacturer Certification for Turkey Manufacturers of safety-related components for the nuclear industry that are to be used in Turkish nuclear power plants must obtain the NDK manufacturer approval. The regulatory body responsible for this approval is the NDK (Nükleer Düzenleme Kurumu) in Turkey. NDK is usually described as Nuclear Manufacturer […]

China’s Oldest Nuclear Power Reactor Passes Long Term Safety Review

The pressurized water reactor Qinshan 1 in the Chinese province of Zhejiang was built in 1991 with an original capacity of 300 MWe. Earlier in 2019 the generating capacity had been uprated to 350 MWe and the operator applied for an extension of its operating license at China’s National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA). The current […]

HAF-604: China Will Continue to be an Attractive Market for Suppliers of Nuclear Facilities and Components in the Future

According to a study by BMI Research, China could be the world’s largest producer of nuclear power by 2026, surpassing the current world leader USA. In 2015 about 26 gigawatts of electricity were generated by nuclear power plants. Estimations show that one year later, in 2016, 34 gigawatts were generated by nuclear power plants. It […]