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Sany introduces new tower crane

29. December 2022

Sany introduces new tower crane

Chinese machinery giant Sany Group recently unveiled the latest generation of its tower crane. With this, the group once again demonstrates its strong expertise in construction equipment, reports Chinadaily. Tower cranes are one of three main products of Sany’s heavy lifting equipment business. In addition, the company manufactures mobile truck cranes and crawler cranes. Tower cranes operate at great heights and their development also represents the progress of China’s crane industry. Machinery and components in the construction sector must be awarded a CCC certificate in order for products to be exported to China or manufactured locally.

According to Sany, the latest generation of tower cranes incorporates 15 patented technologies and has undergone improvements in safety, ease of operation and control. Work at airy heights can now be controlled from the ground, and with the help of artificial intelligence, multiple cranes connect to ensure safe working and prevent collisions. Technicians can remotely identify and fix specific problems. Yu Hongfu, director of Sany Group and also chairman of Sany Heavy Machinery, plans to further expand the heavy lifting equipment business, especially tower cranes, in the future. Industry experts noted an increased demand for tower cranes for high-rise buildings in recent years. The entire construction industry is also moving toward sustainable construction, industrialization and intelligent control, experts said.

Sany said it has invested around US$148 billion in a crane factory in Ningxiang, Hunan province. The production facility has an annual capacity of 8,000 tower cranes and 70 percent of the manufacturing is done by robots. In the future, Sany plans to further expand research and development to make the tower crane business a growth driver within the company.

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