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SAC Published 498 Standards for the Chinese Market

2. October 2014

The Chinese authority SAC (Standardization Administration of China) published 498 national standards in 2014, of these 122 are mandatory standards and 376 are voluntary standards. The purpose of these standards are:

  • Promotion of environmental protection and resource conservation
  • Promotion of safety
  • Development of the logistics sector
  • Development of agricultural sector

The New Standards Strengthen the Requirements of the Existing Standards

More than 30 standards have been published in regards to environmental protection and resource conservation with the focus on energy efficiency, water conservation, industrial waste discharge, and overall consumption for industrial products.

The 58 new standards in regards to promoting safety mainly apply to automotive, automotive components (e.g. car tyres), fire protection, toys, consumable goods, hygiene and food products. These products are currently subject to the CCC certification obligation and the associated safety standards (GB Standards), but the new standards have been enhanced to more stringent rules.
high tech gears12 standards were published that affect the logistics sector, including requirements for the standardization of shipping pallets and testing options of imported products.

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