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Revision of the CCC Certification Regulations for Automotive Tires

15. December 2022

At the beginning of September 2022 the remote conference of the TC14 technical expert group for automotive tires was held in China. The discussion topic was the revision and implementation of CCC certification regulations and regulations for laboratory testing in the certification processes. Problems observed in testing for annual inspections were also discussed. Tires require CCC certification to be approved for import and use in China.



The following subject matters were discussed:


  1. Revision of the implementation rules:

It was announced that the implementation rules will be revised according to the new version of the standard for car tires.


  1. Plan for CCC certification implementation after GB standards implementation:

According to the implementation rules, the new version of the GB Standard GB 9743 “car tires” and GB 9744 “truck tires” standards (in which rolling resistance and skid resistance of tires are newly added) will be implemented into the CCC certification process after they are published. The principle of division of certificate units remains unchanged, tire sample information must be added to certificates as an appendix. The specific content of the implementation plan will be published in a timely manner in accordance with the revision process of national standards.


  1. Random sampling during the annual inspections:

There is a possibility that certain factors in the tire production process may occasionally cause a very small number of products to fail tests. To avoid the influence of random factors, products not qualified at the first Follow-Up (FU) inspection are allowed to be tested again in a second FU inspection. If the tests are passed during the second inspection, the annual FU inspection counts as passed. If the tests are not passed during the second inspection, the annual FU inspection will be counted as failed.


  1. Simultaneous marking of TUBELESS and TUBETYPE on the side surface of tires:

TUBELESS shall stand as a marking for tires mounted on tubeless rims without tubes.

TUBETYPE is to indicate that the tire is installed on the inner tube rim, its bead structure is correspondingly different, and that if the tire does not fit the rim, there may be potential safety hazards during use. THEREFORE, TUBELESS AND TUBETYPE SHOULD NOT BE IDENTIFIED ON THE SIDEWALL AT THE SAME TIME.


  1. Marking imperial and metric tire specifications on the side surface of tires:

Tire specifications are the identification of tire size characteristics. Of these, some are listed metrically, and others are listed according to the Anglo-American system of measurement. To avoid confusion for users, sidewalls are not intended to list both metric and Anglo-American tire specifications, in part to avoid problems with market enforcement inspections.

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