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Renault presents an extremely low-cost electric vehicle in China

17. October 2019

The Renault K-ZE, a small electric city vehicle, was designed from the scratch for the Chinese and Indian markets. Presented as a concept car at the Paris Motor show in autumn 2018, Renault already promised a range of 250 km at that time and that the K-ZE targets the Chinese market for small and urban vehicles. From an exterior perspective, the K-ZE is a compact SUV-style electric vehicle, based on the Renault and Nissan CMF-A platform which already serves for the Renault Kwid and Datsun Redi-Go offered in India.


In China, the model is available in three different versions. The basic version costs less than 8,000 Euros, a medium version 66,800 Yuan (approx. 8,500 Euros) and the top version with full equipment 71,800 Yuan (approx. 9,140 Euros). Renault has not yet announced more information on the respective technical details of the three variants. What they all have in common is a 33 kW drive with 125 Nm torque and a 26.8 kWh battery for a range of up to 271 kilometres. Charging can be by AC domestic socket as well as DC quick charging according to the Chinese GB/T standard at designated charging stations. The energy consumption is stated at 10.8 kWh per 100 kilometres, the maximum speed is 105 km/h.

Even though the vehicle is primarily intended for the Chinese market, Renault emphasizes that the K-ZE has been developed according to European standards. Previously, the similar Renault Kwid lead to negative headlines in India and South Africa because it received zero stars for the NCAP crash test and cannot be sold in Europe due to a lack of safety features such as airbags and ABS. If the K-ZE will be successful in China, Renault will consider introducing it on other global markets. In Europe, the small car is unlikely to be available at such a low price, but India and other Asian countries have a better chance of getting the compact electric SUV at an affordable price.

The Renault K-ZE will be manufactured as the first series vehicle of the newly founded joint venture eGT New Energy Automotive. The companies involved are the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance and the Chinese car manufacturer Dongfeng. The small electric car marks the start of an push for more such vehicles in China. Renault plans to introduce nine passenger car models, including three electric vehicles, for the Chinese market by 2022 and to sell 550,000 vehicles annually. Numerous automobile manufacturers in China import components from abroad. Are you part of the automotive business and need to supply your parts to the Chinese market? We will be happy to advise you on the China Compulsory Certification (CCC), which is a mandatory requirement.

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Author: Julian Busch

Publisher: MPR China Certification GmbH

Tel.: +49 69 271 37 69 150




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About the author: Julian Busch is founder and managing director of MPR China Certification GmbH
Publisher: MPR China Certification GmbH

Tel.: +49 69 271 37 69 150