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Publication of the CNCA Implementation Rules for the CCC Self-Declaration

16. January 2020

On December 25, 2019 the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) published the new Implementation Rules for the CCC Self-Declaration (CNCA-00C-008: 2019).

In the new Implementation Rules the procedures for the CCC Self-Declaration/ China Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SdoC), the transmission of compliance information, the CCC logo, the supervision and the definition of the duties of the relevant responsible parties were defined. In addition, the new Implementation Rules added the requirements for the CCC Self-Declaration based on the Voluntary Product Certification and the implementation requirements for the China Self-Declaration in the ODM model (ODM: Original Design Manufacturer).

The China SdoC process is divided into two different types depending on the type of test laboratory used: the self-selected or designated laboratory. In both cases, the manufacturer must carry out a CCC self-inspection and prepare a self-inspection report of the quality assurance capabilities of the production facility. The test laboratory is responsible for preparing the type test report or the manufacturer carries out a Voluntary Certification that includes the type test and the factory inspection.

CCC Self-Declaration

Manufacturers and laboratories for the CCC Self-Declaration and certification bodies must register in the “Information system for Self-Declaration of the mandatory certification of product conformity” and provide relevant organizational information and qualification documents. Among other things, applicants who order production in ODM mode must submit information such as the ODM agreement. Under the ODM mode, changes that affect the technical characteristics of the product must be applied by the original self-declared manufacturer of the ODM. Other associated self-declared ODM manufacturers should complete any kinds of changes to the certification within one month. Otherwise the system will cancel the corresponding ODM Self-Declaration.

After the Supplier Declaration of Conformity has been issued, the manufacturer shall apply the CCC logo to the product. The CNCA monitors the results of the Self-Declaration and the use of the CCC logo. In the event of violations of implementation regulations, such as the failure of product safety tests, quality and safety accidents due to product defects or the transmission of incorrect information to the system, the CNCA system will revoke the corresponding CCC SdoC and determine the consequences. As a result of revocation, the manufacturer cannot request a CCC Self-Declaration again within 6 months, and the information about the violations will be included in the national system for corporate credit information (social credit rating).

The CCC Self-Declaration must not be confused with an omission of the need for CCC certification and the compliance regulations – all relevant GB standards and CNCA Implementation Rules remain valid and product compliance must continue to be proven during production by conducting annual product tests according to the GB standard.

In order to be allowed to go through this process of China Compulsory Certification Self-Declaration, the applicant must be a Chinese company with a Chinese contact person in China. The applicant may only be a subsidiary or the dealer/importer of the manufacturer.

We can offer customers without a company in China the placement of a CCC applicant service to overcome this hurdle.

You can find more information on this service here.

Here you can download our detailed brochure about the CCC Self-Declaration.

In order to prove the product compliance it makes sense to obtain a voluntary CQC or CCAP certification in addition to the CCC Self-Declaration.

Here you can download our brochure about the Voluntary CQC and CCAP Certification.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the new regulations, Voluntary Certifications, the CCC Self-Declaration or the transformation of CCC Certificates.

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