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Pre-shipment Inspection Allows Growing Interest in Online Industry Portals for Used Machines in China

18. February 2020

There has been increasing interest in China to buy used machines from abroad since the process of pre-shipment Inspection has been considerably simplified in 2015.

Pre-shipment Inspection

These purchases are particularly interesting for smaller private companies that have little financial strength and only limited access to the state banking sector. In addition, they are more flexible than other companies with low-priced machine investments.

Machines “Made in Germany” are in high demand, with many machine builders offer on-site services such as offering a machine overhaul or upgrade.

Those interested in used machines are increasingly using online industry portals. On the portals you will find information on prices and technical specifications. The regional association of the China Association of Plant Equipment is one of the largest networks for used machines. The associated “China Used Machine Network” is the contact point for over 3,000 members.

Now that the construction industry is recovering, used construction machinery is also in increasing demand. The online platforms CeHome or Esy are good places to go for used construction machinery.

If you would also like to export a used machine to China, you will find information on pre-shipment Inspection here.

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