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Optimization of SRRC application process and adjustment of NAL catalogue

6. October 2022

In order to support the development of the electronics industry, reduce the burden on enterprises and promote the optimal development of the electronics industry, the General Office of the State Council of the PRC issued Notice No. 31 of 2022 which aims to optimize the SRRC application process and adjust the NAL catalogue.

  1. Adjustment of NAL Catalogue:

Satellite Internet devices and function virtualization devices will be included in the administration of the network access license (NAL) certification. In addition, network access license (NAL) management is no longer implemented for 11 types of telecommunications equipment, such as fixed-line telephone terminals and fax machines, which have more mature technology and are relatively less relevant to telecommunications security (see Appendix).


The process for NAL applications has been modified as follows:

  • Optimization of SRRC review items. Appropriate reduction of the corresponding review fees.
  • Shortening the deadline for network access approvals to 15 business days.
  • Promotion of electronic labeling of network access permits, gradual phasing out of labeling with paper tags.
  • No more obligation to mark the network access license number on the packaging of telecommunication equipment
  • Goal: Approved products should be able to be placed on the market as soon as possible after receiving NAL approval (products may not be sold or used until they are approved)
  1. Optimization the SRRC type approval system for radio transmitting equipment:
  • Shortening the deadline for SRRC approval to 15 working days.
  • Extending the validity period of SRRC certificates that were previously valid for less than 2 years to more than 2 years. This excludes certificates for which an adjustment of the radio frequency planning and the duration of the frequency use license is required.
  • Optimization of the coding mode of the SRRC code: MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) formulates and publishes coding rules, and enterprises independently establish SRRC codes in accordance with the coding rules (products cannot be sold or used before they are approved by SRRC certificate).



I. Telecommunications equipment no longer covered by the NAL catalogue (11 types).

Landline telephone terminals

  1. Cordless telephone terminals
  2. Group telephones
  3. Fax machines
  4. Modems (including cards)
  5. Wireless pagers
  6. Service integrating digital narrowband network terminals (ISDN terminals)
  7. Multimedia terminals for access to mobile communication networks
  8. Frame relay switches
  9. Asynchronous transfer mode switches (ATM switches)
  10. Call center equipment

II. New NAL equipment (2 types)

  1. Satellite-based Internet equipment
  2. Functional virtualization equipment

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