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New Standard GB/T 24551-2021 for Safetytbelt Detection for Seats

10. February 2022

Starting on July 1st, 2022 the new standard for safetybelt detection for seats will come into effect. The currently applicable standard GB/T 24551-2009 for safetybelt detection will be superseded by GB/T 24551-2021 on July 1st, 2022. This means that all active certificates for this product group must be updated.

The scope of the standard will be changed. The current version only includes vehicles of category M, under the new standard category N vehicles will also be included.
The updated standard will also include the following adjustments:

  • New terms and definitions for visual warning, audible warning, vehicle in normal operation, passenger detection device, internal time and intermittent time.
  • Addition of partial technical requirements for visual and audible warning; first and second stage warning.
  • Change of the operating condition for the activation of second level warning.
  • Addition of technical requirements the for safetybelt reminder for driver and front passenger in the same row as well as for passenger in rear row.
  • Additional test methods for the first warning level, the second warning level, and the change of test duration.

As with previous adaptations of GB standards, it is likely that renewed product testing will be required to demonstrate product compliance to the new standard.
We are happy to support you with these product tests as well as with updateing your CCAP or CQC certificates in China, and are always available to answer any further questions you may have,
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You can also get detailed information about CCC certification on our website and learn more about GB standards, the process and the costs.

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