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New Standard GB 15084-2022 for Indirect Vision Equipment

5. January 2023

In the nineteenth announcement of 2022, the SAMR (State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration) announced that some 54 new mandatory national standards (known as guobiao or GB standards for short) have been approved. The main focus has been put on protective clothing, the specifications for various electrical devices, as well as emission limits for production in various industries, and the improvement of safety for the transport of oil, gas and LNG.

Among other things, the announcement also concerns GB 15084-2013, which regulates the “requirements for the devices for indirect vision, performance and installation requirements”, i.e. mirrors and rear-view cameras. This will be replaced by the newer standard GB 15084-2022. The new standard will come into force in the summer of 2023, after which there will be a transition period of probably 6 months until the new standard becomes mandatory.

The GB standard specifies, among other things, technical requirements, test methods and positioning of mirrors on vehicles.

Mirrors require a CCC certificate in China.

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