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New GB standard for CCC certification of car seat and headrest

9. October 2019

Until now there is no official announcement from the certification authorities, but according to an internal announcement of CCAP a newly revised standard GB 15083-2019 will come into effect on January 1, 2020 and will replace the old standard GB 15083-2006. The new standard will be GB 15083-2019. Manufacturers of these products need to comply with the new standard, adjust their ongoing certification process and get their products re-tested if required.

New GB standard for car seat

Once the new GB Standard GB 15083-2019 is implemented, all certificate changes and new CCC certifications have to be in compliance with the new standards. Certificate Holders whose products are based on the old GB Standard must submit an application to update their products and may need to re-test in accordance with the new GB standard. If there is no application for modification, existing CCC certificates will be temporarily suspended by the Chinese authority. If the application for modification is not made, the certificate will be cancelled.

Once the new standard has been officially announced we will update you with further details and change requirements.

Are you unsure whether your seats meet the requirements of the new GB standard or are you interested in upgrading to Chinese standards? Then contact us for more details and a detailed consultation. Write us an email or call us on +49-69-2713769150.

You can also visit our website for more information about CCC certification in general, the process, and the associated costs. We will also introduce you in detail to our CCC certification package and you can get an overview of our references.

You can also check out our free CCC-Brochure, which can be downloaded right here as a PDF file or you consult our book (in English) “A Brief Guide to CCC: China Compulsory Certification”, which can be found directly here on Amazon.

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