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New EMC and Safety Norms GB/T 9254.1-2021 and GB 4943.1-2022 for communication equipment

4. August 2022

On 1 July 2022, the new Chinese EMC standard GB/T 9254.1-2021 became effective. The new standard for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) corresponds to the international standard CISPR 32:2015. A total of four national standards, GB 4943.1-2011, GB 8898-2011, GB/T 9254-2008 and GB/T 13837-2012, have been revised and partially consolidated, resulting in the new standards GB/T 9254.1-2021 and GB 4943.1-2022. The corresponding implementing regulations CNCA-C08-01:2014, CNCA-C09-01:2014 and CNCA-C16-01:2014 have also been revised.

Most information technology equipment needs CCC certification in China. Previously certification was divided according to product category. Standard GB/T 9254-2008 regulated the EMC guidelines for general information technology equipment, while standard GB/T 13837-2012 was specifically aimed at television and radio equipment.



The new standard now combines the two into one standard. As a result, the requirements for devices have also changed slightly, but overall, the new standard makes the CCC certification itself more clear and more uniform than before.

Moving forward, all new certification applications must be submitted under the new standard. At the same time, Chinese authorities granted a generous transition period for existing CCC certifications. All CCC certificates must then be updated to the new standard by July 31, 2024. This transition period is intended to facilitate the renewal of certificates and keep the associated costs low.

Manufacturers whose CCC certificate is still based on the old standard must adapt their certificates to the new standards. This requires an application and a corresponding product test.

List of standards for Compulsory product certification of audio and video equipment
  Product types Safety Standards EMC Standards CNCA Implementation Rules
1 Active loud speaker systems having single or multiple speaker with max. output power under 500W (R.M.S.) GB 4943.1 GB/T 9254.1

GB 17625.1

2 Audio power amplifier
3 Various carrier forms of audio and video recording, playback and processing equipment (including various types of optical discs, tapes, hard drives and other carrier forms)
4 Color TV receivers and TV set-top boxes for various imaging modes
5 Electronic piano
6 Power adapter for Audio and video equipment power adapter ( including charger / discharger )
List of standards for Compulsory product certification of  information technology equipment
  Product types Safety Standards EMC Standards CNCA Implementation Rules
1 Microcomputer GB 4943.1 GB/T 9254.1

GB 17625.1

2 Portable computers
3 Display device used in conjunction with a computer
4 Printing device used in conjunction with a computer
5 Multi-purpose printing copier
6 Scanner
7 Server
8 The power adapter for information technology equipment (including charger/discharger) and built-in power supply for computer/server


List of standards for Compulsory product certification of telecommunication terminal equipment
  Product types Safety Standards EMC Standards
1 Fax GB 4943.1 GB/T 9254.1
2 Cordless telephone terminal GB/T 19483
3 Mobile user terminals GB/T 19484.1
GB/T 22450.1
YD/T 1592.1
YD/T 1595.1
YD/T 2583.14
YD/T 2583.18
4 Data terminal GB/T 9254.1
5 Multimedia terminal GB/T 9254.1


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