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New Detailed CCAP Implementation Rules for Motor Vehicles

3. November 2017

On September 30, 2017 the CCAP published new Detailed Implementation Rules for the CCC certification of motor vehicles. The implementation rule CCAP-C11-01-2014/A1 is the revised version of CCAP-C11-01-2014 that was published in 2014.

According to CCAP the revision of the Implementation Rules will further improve the standardization of the mandatory CCC certification. In addition to constantly striving to raise the quality of the certification process, the update will also serve to extend the certification scope to new types of vehicles.

Due to the rapid growth and development of electric vehicles over the past two years, the standards have permanently been adapted to the ongoing development and extended to meet the needs of the new types of vehicles. New types of vehicles do not only refer to pure electric vehicles but also (plug-in) hybrid vehicles.

A significant change in the Implementing Rules is characterized by the inclusion of many of the new standards. The new standards address the measurement procedures and limits as well as safety regulations of available battery technologies, and fuel cells. Further standards have been included dealing with the issue of fueling up on the respective energy carrier. One goal, among others, is to standardize the communication protocol between various charging systems.

Products that are already certified and affected by the revised Implementation Rules may need to be re-tested, depending on the specific product and when they were certified.

Another change was that there is a new standard for low import volumes (Single CCC) which has been revised so that no factory inspection for the car manufacturer is required. For low volume imports only testing will need to be done.


In their announcement, CCAP repeatedly emphasizes the mandatory nature of the revised implementing provision. Firms planning to import their vehicles and components into China are required to certify them according to the new Implementing Rules.

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