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Mutual Recognition of Chinese Certifications

6. September 2022

Standardization and mutual recognition of certifications in the automotive sector are the main goals of the Motor Vehicle Certification Alliance, which was ceremonially founded in Nanning, Guangxi, on Aug. 29, 2022. Several important Chinese certification and testing institutions joined the alliance, among them the organizing China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and the China Certification Center for Automotive Products (CCAP).



The automotive sector has been identified and promoted as key industry by the Chinese government. This is mainly due to its major role for the development of a wide range of other branches, including iron and steel, machinery, electronics, and many more. In this context, certifications like the CCC certification, or voluntary CQC certification and voluntary CCAP certification play a key role as an internationally recognized regulatory mechanism for ensuring product quality.

The Motor Vehicle Certification Alliance is intended to accompany and shape this process as a service platform, exchange platform, and innovation platform, which will lead to an improvement in market efficiency and an increase in the overall welfare of the Chinese public. Its central concern is to combine the testing and certification resources of its various members.

The efforts of the Motor Vehicle Certification Alliance focus on the mutual recognition of certificates, which shall avoid repeated product testing and save costs for manufacturing companies. The alliance additionally aims to increase the quality of the services they provide through joint efforts, as well as to strengthen the credibility of Chinese certifications by forming an overarching homologation brand.

Since 2005 MPR China Certification GmbH has been supporting companies in the automotive industry in obtaining their certifications for the Chinese market. We work closely with all major certification institutions and were even awarded the distinction of “Outstanding Certification Company” by CCAP, being the only foreign certification company having achieved this.

We will be happy to check for you whether a particular product is subject to mandatory certification, enable you to obtain the required certifications quickly and hassle-free, and ensure that the certification complies with your requirements as part of the overall vehicle homologation process.

For more information on voluntary CCAP or CQC certification and other Chinese product certifications and how they may affect your company, or for more information about CCC certification in general, the process, and the associated costs, please visit our website and our News Section.

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You can find more information to download in our free brochure about the voluntary CCAP or CQC certification.

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