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Less Accidents Expected by 2025 Due to Connected Mobility

1. February 2017

According to a joint study (“Connected Car Effect 2025”) by the automotive supplier Bosch and the consultancy company Prognos, the increasing networking of vehicles will lead to a significant decline in the number of accidents by 2025. This expectation is based on the assumption that by 2025 a large proportion of the cars on the road will be connected to the Internet and have special assistance systems which can intervene in dangerous situations.

According to the study, 260,000 injuries could be prevented annually in Germany, the USA and China. Over 11,000 lives could be saved in 2025 through connected assistance systems, including about 300 in Germany (USA: 4000, China: 7,000). In China traffic accidents with death are becoming more and more frequent due to the increasing traffic density. Technical solutions, such as the networking of vehicles, for the saving of human life have great potential.

Network solutions expected to be widely implemented by 2025 include ESP anti-skid (up to 90 percent of all vehicles in the three countries), as well as sensor based emergency braking and tracking assistants (up to 40 percent). In addition, connected mobility would also have an impact on fuel consumption and emissions. Concepts such as “community-based parking” and active parking space management could reduce the search traffic by up to 380 million kilometers. According to the authors of the study, highly automated driving also saved fuel.

As reported in our News previously, the Chinese automotive market is of great importance for the German car manufacturers. Chinese customers are enthusiastic about technology, so premium car manufacturers need to be aware of international competition with digital equipment and networking of vehicles.

The huge potential of the Chinese automobile market strengthens the OEM’s as well as the automotive supplier network. Many different types of automotive parts are required to have CCC certification. It is important to check if CCC is needed to avoid problems.

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