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Indian car industry will benefit from electric vehicles

23. May 2019

The Indian automotive industry is preparing for a change in the entire industry and hopes to benefit from it. From 1 April 2020, stricter emission standards will apply to vehicles in India that are based on the European Euro VI standard. The new guidelines pose new challenges for automobile manufacturers and suppliers. Electric vehicles in particular are expected to play an important role in the long term.

Indian car industry
In order to achieve the reduced emissions, manufacturers will have to develop new, clean engines until electric drives are widespread. Analysts expect suppliers of cast parts used in engine construction, brakes and transmissions to grow by 9 to 11 percent by 2020. However, the same study also advises companies to invest in research and development of components for electric vehicles, as these use around 50 percent fewer cast parts than conventional drives because of the electric motor. In addition, increased demand for control units is expected for both two-wheeled vehicles and cars. In the case of the former, these will replace the carburetor with direct injection and, in the case of larger vehicles, make the combustion and waste gas purification process cleaner.

In contrast, completely new components have to be developed and produced for the production of electric vehicles. Existing automotive suppliers should cooperate with international and domestic OEM manufacturers to benefit from their experience in the field of electric drives. Already, powertrains for electric cars are manufactured in India by foreign manufacturers, and a domestic industry in the field of lightweight components for two-wheelers, passenger cars, hybrid and electric vehicles is under development. In summary, the impact of the introduction of electric vehicles will tend to be medium or long-term, but in any case the automotive industry will benefit. Are you planning to export your products to India? Products in the electric vehicle and automotive sectors must comply with the Indian Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) and undergo India certification (AIS certification). We will be happy to advise you.

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About the author: Julian Busch is founder and managing director of MPR China Certification GmbH
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