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Increased Requirements for Pre-Shipment Inspections of Used Machines for Export to China

1. October 2020

As reported in July, exports to China have been rising sharply since June – this also affects used machines, for whose approval in China an inspection must be carried out prior to shipment.



There has been an increase in problems with pre-shipment inspections (PSI) recently. Part of the problem can be attributed with the Corona pandemic, where there are increased requirements by the authorities for hygienic safety measures in the plants to protect the inspectors. Companies must provide protective means such as disinfectants, but also ensure that the inspector can thoroughly examine the machines to be shipped. Of course, inspectors must also comply with the safety regulations of the companies to be visited. If you are considering the need for a pre-shipment inspection, please make sure that the inspectors have been sufficiently informed ahead of time of any company safety requirements.


Other common problems that can occur during the inspection are already packed machines or insufficiently prepared machines. There are clear safety and quality requirements for used machines to be imported into China, just as there are for new machines. Machines may not contain certain products or components (such as monitors, pressure vessels, certain materials, etc.) and must be clean and in good condition. Faults or defects must have been corrected and certain safety precautions must be in place to pass inspection. Very old machines or those with significant signs of use should be refurbished as a precaution.


It also happens from time to time that the machines have already been pre-packed. While it is irrelevant for the pre-shipment inspection whether the machine is in operation or has been disassembled, and also irrelevant where the inspection is to take place (it can take place at the operator’s premises or in a logistics center, for example), an inspection is not possible if not all parts and areas of the machine are visible. Under no circumstances should the machines be already packed, because even if the packaging can be opened, it may not be possible to open the machine or to view the sides of the machine facing away from the opening.


Although the possibilities to monetize a used machine have improved, companies have to prepare themselves for increased requirements, especially due to the still existing corona risk. More detailed information on the requirements for pre-shipment inspections can be found on our pages or by calling us.


Here you can find information about CCIC Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI). Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details. You can contact us by email or call us at +49 69 271 37 69 150 (for Europe) or +1 773 654 2673 (for USA).

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