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The State Radio Monitoring and Testing Center (SRTC)

9. June 2023

The SRTC sees itself as a service provider for the industry and all related activities in the field of wireless communication. As an independent institution, it follows the regulations of the State Radio Monitoring Center and the State Radio Spectrum Management Center. Over the years, the SRTC has specialized in radio technology and testing, certification, new product development, standards and scientific research.

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The SRTC is the only state institution for quality inspection in the field of testing and certification and is authorized by the CNCA to carry out such inspections. The SRTC operates corresponding laboratories in Beijing and Shenzhen, covering an area of over 30,000 m². Over 240 employees work at the SRTC and more than 3,000 test devices are in use. It currently holds more than 30 certificates from Chinese and foreign authorities and its test reports are recognized in more than 100 countries. The SRTC offers the following certifications including the issuance of type approvals: SRRC, CCC, China RoHS, BeiDou Navigation, EU CE, US FCC, Canadian IC and Japanese TCM. Furthermore, the SRTC carries out certifications and tests according to the specifications of industry associations such as GCF & PTCRB, CCF, Bluetooth Organization, Wi-Fi Alliance, CTIA and VDE. As a modern service provider, the SRTC offers industry national and international testing and certification services from a one-stop provider and helps companies to bring their products to the world market quickly and efficiently.

You can find more information about SRRC certification on our website.

Robert Goral

MPR Author

Robert Goral

Robert Goral