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Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Certification Tech Innovation Center Co., Ltd. (SMVIC)

31. October 2023

The Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Certification Tech Innovation Center Co., Ltd, SMVIC for short, is also known as the National Centre for Supervision and Inspection of Automotive Component and Vehicle Quality. It is an independent national laboratory for the inspection of vehicles and is located in Shanghai International Auto City. It covers an area of 180,000 square metres and offers comprehensive testing and technical services at its facilities. Years of development work have earned the SMVIC a national authorisation to conduct tests in the field of vehicles, motorbikes and vehicle components. Among others, the SMVIC offers the following certifications: Motor Vehicle Announcement Testing with MIIT, Motor Vehicle Environmental Protection Testing with MEP, Motor Vehicle Fuel Economy Testing with MOT, CCC Inspection and Testing with CNCA for motor vehicles and components. The SMVIC also conducts AQSIQ recalls for defective products and inspects imported vehicles in accordance with national regulations.

Testing center for the automotive industry in China

The test centre is also one of the few state-approved test centres for special measuring equipment in the automotive industry. With this approval, SMVIC can perform calibrations for special test equipment, crash test dummies and sensors for all types of vehicle testing. This includes length measuring, mechanical and electrical instruments for all types of motor vehicles and components. In addition, SMVIC is able to perform precision measurements, material tests, physical and chemical tests for various components.

With industrial development as its orientation, market demand as its driving force and sustainability as its goal, SMVIC has built a platform for specialised testing of alternative drive vehicles (also called New Energy Vehicles NEV) and their key components on the basis of traditional vehicle testing capabilities. Furthermore, SMVIC has kept pace with changes in automotive industry products and technologies and is building further capacity for testing, experimentation and technical research and development of smart vehicles and key components with the support of its Test Engineering Research and Development Centre.

For many years SMVIC has been a strong partner of MPR China Certification. Many clients of MPR in the field of complete vehicle homologation and CCC certification for supplier parts conduct their product tests at SMVIC.

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Robert Goral

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Robert Goral

Robert Goral