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Frequent Problems at Customs Clearance

27. June 2014

Customs Clearance in China poses a significant challenge for most companies. Lack of transparency, seemingly ambiguous tariffs, required product regulations, and licensing issues are only a few of the barriers a shipper may face.

Additionally, it is often difficult to correctly classify a product, especially in regards to harmonized customs tariff numbers in connection with the CCC obligations. Incorrect classification of a product can result in the product being mistaken for a product needing CCC certification. Customs tariff numbers (HS Codes) indicate an authorization or certification requirement, so any mistake with the HS Code may result in customs requiring to see a CCC certificate and detaining the product.
20140627120304279Application of the HS Code for Determine the CCC Obligations of Products

The HS Code (HS stands for “harmonized system”) or the respective customs tariff number, is often used, mistakenly, by companies as an indicator to determine the CCC obligation of products or single components. This often results in detained goods at Chinese customs.

In 2012, the Chinese authority CNCA published a list with 491 HS Codes and the corresponding GB Standard since then that list has since been expanded to 892 codes. This list is helpful to figure out the corresponding GB Standard, but should not be used to determine the CCC obligation of products. For all reliable determinations of CCC obligation, the product should be analyzed according to its specific product functions and performance.


Problems with using the HS Code for CCC determination:

  • HS Code does not reflect the performance and/or features of the products which does not provide a good basis of comparison with the GB-Standards.
  • HS Codes are independent from the CCC product catalogue, and are not simultaneously updated. This often results in incorrect correlation of product categories.
  • Some HS Codes are not assigned to GB-Standards, although the product requires CCC certification.

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