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Electric Vehicles for the Chinese Market Make Battery Registrations More Important

10. March 2020

The American automotive giant General Motors has unveiled an affordable electric vehicle, which will be exclusively sold in the Chinese market. The Chevrolet Menlo is intended to enable the company to enter the biggest market for electric vehicles. The sole focus on the Chinese market makes the homologation process easier, because only compliance to Chinese regulations needs to be ensured. For example, batteries for electric vehicles have to go through a battery registration process in China. Conformity with GB/T 34014 is meant to ensure the traceability of the battery system over the entire life cycle.

Battery registration

The Chevrolet Menlo builds on the platform of the Chevrolet Bolt and can be classified into the compact SUV segment. The electric motor provides power of 110 kW and 350 Nm and the battery capacity promises a mileage of about 400 kilometers on a single charge. Modern quick-charging technology will enable recharging the batteries to 80 percent in just 40 minutes. To adapt the handling to individual driving styles, drivers can choose from three different driving and recuperation modes.

A 10-inch touch display offers connectivity to the smartphone via different systems like Apple CarPlay and Baidu Car-Life. In addition, different driver assistance and safety systems like ABS, ESP, a lane-keeping and parking assistant, cruise control and a collision warning system are built in. The trunk will hold a volume of up to 1000 liters.

GM is expecting high sales figures fueled by the low entry price of 160,000 RMB (about 23,000 USD) after taking state subsidies for electric vehicles in China into consideration. For the launch the car will only be sold in the capital of Beijing, but sales are planned to be expanded to the whole country shortly after. It remains unclear whether GM is aiming to broaden sales of the Chevrolet Menlo to other countries.

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