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Electric Vehicle Batteries Can Receive a CQC Mark Certification

30. January 2018

The continuous development and growing importance of e-mobility in China has promoted the certification of such products. The China Quality Certification Centre (CQC for short  in Chinese.: 中国质量认证中心), regularly publishes new standards and regulations and offers the CQC Mark Certification. The CQC Mark Certification is for products that do not meet the requirements for the CCC certification. This certification proves that companies comply with Chinese standards and regulations in terms of quality, safety and the environment. Furthermore, companies can significantly reduce the risk that problems will occur at the Chinese customs. Another benefit is the recognition of the certificate as a quality label in China, which enables companies to improve their product placement in the market.

The following standards are relevant for batteries and battery systems of electric and hybrid vehicles:

  • Li-on Battery: GB/Z18333.1-2001, QC/T 743-2006
  • Zinc-Air Battery: GB/Z18333.2-2001
  • Ultra- Capacitor: QC/T 741-2006
  • Lead Acid Battery: QC/T 742-2006
  • NiMH Battery: QC/T 744-2006
  • Battery Structure and Size: QC/T 840-2010

In addition, there is a standard related to the battery management system in electric vehicles. The standard QC/T 897-2011 defines the technical specification, test methods, inspection rules and marking of the battery management systems for electric vehicles.

Battery for electric vehicle

Other product categories that can receive the CQC Mark Certification are regularly published on the official CQC website. Compliance with the Chinese regulations and standards (GB Standards) is of high importance in China. Each product category has its own implementation rules, which applies when certifying a product.  The specific test requirements are based on the GB Standards. The GB Standards are used in each certification and examination of a particular product in addition to the implementation rules. The regulations and standards, such as the implementation rules for CCC certification, will be revised and updated regularly.

For more information on how a CQC Mark Certification or a CCC certification, or for more information about CCC certification in general, the process and the related costs, please visit our website and our News Section. There you can find updates twice a week.

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You can also check out our free CCC-Brochure, which can be downloaded right here as a PDF file, or you can consult our English textbook “A Brief Guide to CCC: China Compulsory Certification”, which can be found directly hier on Amazon.

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