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CSEI research department conducts tests at high altitude for hot water boilers

1. July 2021

The Energy Conservation Technology Research Department of China’s CSEI Institute conducted tests of hot water boilers at the high altitude of the Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai Province on behalf of the market regulator SAMR. The CSEI (China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute) collaborated on this with numerous research institutions in Qinghai Province, which had previously set up a research laboratory there. This facility made it possible to conduct tests on the energy efficiency and emissions output of hot water boilers. Such tests are essential for a SELO license, also known as China Manufacture License, which is mandatory for pressure vessels in China. The license is issued by the Chinese authority SELO – China Special Equipment Licensing Office. Like the CSEI, this authority is subordinate to the state market regulator SAMR.



Boilers with different energy sources were studied and the series of tests was completed at the end of March. The energy sources were 20 boilers heated with coal, 67 were operated with gas and 2 with electricity. The parameters studied included flue gas temperatures, concentration of carbon monoxide in the flue gas, and the energy or amount of fuel required. Deficiencies in burner design and supply air were revealed, and maintenance problems were encountered. The test engineers present attempted to correct the problems by making adjustments to the boilers and subsequent measurements. In addition, operators and their personnel were trained on how to operate the boilers efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. In the end, both the amount of fuel required and nitrogen oxide emissions were reduced. According to the CSEI, both the operators and the local population benefited from the tests and improvements made. Local authorities and operating companies thanked the CSEI for their efforts and said that other provinces located at high altitude could also benefit from the results.

A so-called SELO license is required in China to import and manufacture equipment and machinery that operates at high pressure, like hot water boilers. The license is issued by the Chinese authority that gives it its name, SELO – China Special Equipment Licensing Office. Like the CSEI, this authority is subordinate to the state market regulator SAMR. Other names for the SELO license are Chinese Manufacture License (CML) and China Pressure Vessel License. The regulation came into effect in 2014, and foreign and domestic manufacturers need the SELO license to sell their products in China.  Are you interested in SELO licensing for the Chinese market? MPR China Certification GmbH can offer you to carry out SELO licensing.

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