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CQC: New Standards for the Voluntary CQC Mark Certification of AC Motors

29. March 2016

The old Implementation Rules CNCA-V01-013:2003 for the voluntary CQC Mark Certification of AC Motors have been replaced by the new version of the CQC (China Quality Certification Centre) CQC11-471114-2016 with its announcement on March 8, 2016.

Since its announcement applicants for a voluntary CQC Mark Certification need to apply in accordance with the new Implementation Rules CQC11-471114-2016. For CQC certificates issued according to the old CNCA Implementation Rules, additional changes can be submitted during the change application for the update to the new CQC version.

The main differences between the old CNCA and new CQC Implementation Rules for voluntary CQC Mark Certification of AC Motors are affecting the following points:

  • New regulations for product tests and annual follow-up inspections
  • The old GB standard GB3667-1997 has been updated and replaced by the new version GB/T3667.1-2005

The CQC regularly publishes new announcements about products that require CCC certification as well as products that can be certified with a Voluntary CQC Mark Certification. It is the responsibility of the exporter and/or manufacturer to carefully check every product and to fully understand the applicable regulations prior to shipping. Each product category of the Voluntary CQC Mark Certification has its own Certification Rules, which are based on the National GB Standards. The Certification Rules have a corresponding Implementation Rule which the product must comply with in order to get a Voluntary CQC Mark Certification. The Implementation Rules can be found on the official website of the CQC. New Voluntary CQC Mark Certification products and product categories are posted on the website frequently along with important information regarding certification application start dates.

You can find more information about the Voluntary CQC Mark Certification here.

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