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CQC: New Certification Rule for PV materials

2. May 2014

The CQC (China Quality Certification Centre of the People’s Republic of China, Chinese: 中国质量认证中心) announced the implementation of new certification rules for PV materials that includes Backsheet and EVA. Starting May, 2014 the new certification rules to obtain a CQC certificate for PV materials will be become effective:

No. Rule No. Rule Name Category No.
1 CQC33-462214-2013 Certification Rules for Back sheet for Encapsulant Photovoltaic (PV) Module


2 CQC33-462215-2013 Certification Rules for Ethylene-vinyl Acetate Copolymer (EVA) Film for Encapsulant



The main amendments of the certification rules affect the product tests and the follow-up inspection resulting in an expanded time frame for companies that apply for a CQC certification.

Based on the national solar subsidy program “Golden Sun”, the Chinese demand for solar materials has increased tremendously. In 2013, China was one of the world’s top three solar markets and, thus, accounting for around 17% of the global market. Therefore, non-Chinese manufacturers of PV materials have a great incentive to export their products to China, but will be subject to the new rules and will have to expect an expanded timeframe for the certification process.

China Certification will continue to inform you about changes of certification rules

In our “News” section we will also keep you informed about all other announcements of the Chinese authorities. Please check our website regularly since these official announcements are often made without any advanced notice.

Information regarding CCC certification, the certification process and the costs can be found on our website. You will also find details regarding our certification package can be found on our website including a general anticipated time frame. Take a look at our references section for a list of some of our clients and what they are saying about us. For more detailed information please download our free booklet “CCC Made Easy” here. You may also consider our book “A Brief Guide to CCC: China Compulsory Certification”, which can be ordered directly on Amazon here.

You may also consider our book “A Brief Guide to CCC: China Compulsory Certification”, which can be ordered directly on Amazon here.

China Certification consults you for certificates for the Chinese market:

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• All-inclusive consulting through our German, Chinese and US based offices
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• Important contacts to all relevant Chinese institutions
• No Chinese language skills required, we will handle all of the necessary communications with the certifying authorities and test labs for you

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