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CQC issues general certification rules for CCC Self-Declaration products

28. January 2021

On October 30, 2020, the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) issued General Certification Rules for Type II CQC Certification, designated CQC12-000001-2020.

These regulations for the Type II voluntary certification contain the requirements for the applicant regarding the technical person in charge , technical requirements for different products and requirements for factory audits. Factory audits are specified to take the form of on-site inspections, document reviews or remote inspections. The scope of inspection also includes the validity and general status of any CCC self-declaration certificates of certified products.


This is applicable to products listed in appendix 2 of announcement No. 44 of 2019 of the CNCA, i.e. it applies to CCC self-declaration products. The CQC12-000001-2020 provides the rules for voluntary Mark Certification of these products by CQC, effective from November 1, 2020.



Appendix 2 of CNCA announcement no. 44

List of products that apply the self-declaration evaluation method of compulsory certification product.


Number Name of product
Product category Sub product category and code
1 Electrical tools Electric drill(0501)
 2 Electric grinder(0503)
 3 Electric hammer(0506)
 4 Electric welder DC arc welder(0603)
 5 TIG arc welder(0604)
 6 MIG/MAG arc welder(0605)
 7 Plasma arc cutting machine(0607)
 8 Circuit switch and electrical device for protection or connection Thermal fuses(0205)
 9 Cartridge fuse-links of miniature fuses(0207)
 10 low-voltage apparatus Leakage protector (0306)
 11 Circuit breaker(0307)
 12 Fuse(0308)
 13 Low-voltage switchgear (disconnectors, switch-disconnectors and fuse-combination units)0302)
 14 Other circuit protection devices(0304、0307、0309)
 15 Relay(0303)
 16 Other switches(0305)
 17 Other device(0304、0305)
 18 low-voltage switchgear assemblies (0301)
 19 Low power motor Low power motor (0401)
 20 Equipment for Household and similar uses Motor-compressor(0704)
 21 Motor vehicle and safety accessories Car seat belt (1104)
 22 Motor vehicle exterior lighting and light signal devices (1109、1116)
 23 Car seat and seat headrest (1114)
 24 Motor vehicle indirect vision device (1110、1115)
 25 Car drive recorder (1117)
 26 Car reflecting marking (1118)
 27 Safety glass Car safety glass (1301)
Information technology equipment 、 Audio and video equipment Equipment with rated voltage less than or equal to 5VDC, rated power consumption less than 15W (or 15VA) and no rechargeable battery (class III equipment)


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