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CQC: CQC is Launching a Nationwide Campaign for “World Accreditation Day”

26. June 2015

On June 9, 2015 the CQC (China Quality Certification Centre, Chinese .: 中国 质量 认证 中心) organized a nationwide campaign in recognition of “World Accreditation Day,” featuring different informational events held in the different provinces of China.

The aim of the CQC’s initiative was to highlight the growing importance of standardization and accreditation in various industry sectors and for the economic development and product safety in the country. The improved product standards and import regulations are supported by the Chinese government whose goal is to increase product quality in China, which will in turn increase the value of the national brand of “Made in China” for international trading partners.

Some of the industry-specific “World Accreditation Day” events have been directly related to the specific individual economic and social challenges of the respective provinces where they were held. The local CQC branch in Shenzhen, for example organized a number of technical seminars on the topic “International Certification” to inform local companies about the latest GB Standards and import and export regulations. The CQC department in Chengdu presented safety regulations in the construction industry and quality assurance for the agricultural sector as their central subjects.

In cooperation with the Liaoning University in Shenyang and other educational institutions the importance of import regulations and product certifications for the reduction of CO2 emissions was conveyed to students through educational materials and website activities. Only a few weeks ago, the SAC (Standardization Administration of the Peoples Republic of China) in cooperation with the Chinese authority CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration) announced on their website that three GB Standards for electric vehicles were updated. Also CQC published on its website recently published standards and regulations for batteries and battery systems of electric and hybrid vehicles and offers voluntary CQC Mark Certification to companies, documenting compliance with the Chinese standards and regulations regarding quality, safety, environmental performance.

The Chinese certification authority CQC (China Quality Certification Centre, Chinese: 中国质量认证中心) regularly publishes new announcements on their official website regarding products that require CCC certification as well as products that can be certified with a Voluntary CQC Mark Certification. It is the responsibility of the shipper and/or manufacturer to carefully check every product they are shipping, and to fully understand the applicable regulations beforehand.

Each product category of the Voluntary CQC Mark Certification has its own Certification Rule, which are based on the National GB Standards. The Certification Rules have a corresponding Implementation Rule which the product must comply with in order to get a Voluntary CQC Mark Certification. The Implementation Rules can be found on the official website of the CQC. New Voluntary CQC Mark Certification products and product categories are posted on the website frequently along with important information regarding certification application start dates.

You can find more information about the Voluntary CQC Mark Certification here.

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