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CQC: Changes in the Voluntary CQC Mark Certification for Road and Street Lighting

30. July 2015

The Chinese certification authority CQC (China Quality Certification Centre, chin. „中国质量认证中心“) regularly publishes new announcements on their official website regarding products that fall under the mandatory CCC certification as well as products that can be certified with a Voluntary CQC Mark certification.

In November of 2014 (“Announcements Regarding Voluntary CQC Mark Certification”) we informed you about the CQC announcements regarding the Voluntary CQC Mark Certification. The CQC updated and changed now the standards and regulations for the voluntary CQC Mark Certification for Luminaires for Road and Street Lighting. The old GB-Standard for Street Lighting GB7000.5-2005 has been replaced with GB-Standard GB7000.203-2013 and became effective on July 1, 2015.

The manufacturers will need to make certain adjustments in their street lighting designs. There are three crucial changes:

1) Added maximum installation height: The manufacturers should state the maximum streetlight installation height in the user manual. When the stated height exceeds 5 meters, luminaires with glass casings must meet the safety regulations as prescribed in GB7000.203-2013.

2) Amendments in test requirements for glass cover safety: Since the previous GB standard only regulated pane tests, the new GB standard now includes the new glass cover tests for glass casing products as curved glass lamp casings. Thus the glass must meet the following conditions:

  • Curved glass must be shatter proof up to 5 Joules upon impact.
  • Square glass with an area of 50mm x 50mm shatters upon impact, it must shatter in to more than 20 pieces.

3) Temperature limit of glass casings: Glass casing should be used under the manufacturers stated temperature limit. This includes the minimum and maximum temperature limit as well as the greatest Δt value.
Light trailsEach product category of the Voluntary CQC Mark Certification has its own Certification Rules. The Certification Rules are based on the National GB Standards. It is important that the products that are within the product range comply with the corresponding Certification Rules. Like the Implementation Rules for mandatory CCC certification products, the CQC Certification Rules are published on the official website of the certification authority CQC regularly. New Voluntary CQC Mark Certification products and product categories are posted on the website frequently along with important information regarding certification application start dates.

The Chinese certification authority CQC often publishes important announcements on their website. It is worthwhile to glance at the official CQC website from time to time, and to check out our News page where you will find updates regarding new announcements from the certifying authorities.

You can find more information about the Voluntary CQC Mark Certification here.

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